1. Keep Track Of When The Coffee Was Made

Place one Styrofoam cup over another and write the 24 hours on the lip of the bottom one. Draw an arrow on the top one and you’ll always be able to turn it so everyone knows what time the coffee was made.

2. Use A spring To Organise Paperwork

Letters and paperwork can get everywhere and quickly mess your desk. Slot them into a spring and you’ll tidy them right up!

3. Protect Your Lunch

These handy lunch bags will stop anyone from stealing your lunch!


4. Use Cereal Boxes To Organise Your Drawers

Create useful compartments with Cereal Boxes. Simply cut them to whatever size and however many you need.

5. Clean your dirty keyboard with Tape

It can be tricky getting to all the dirt stuck between the keys, simply use a line of sticky tape to get it out!


6. Use A Spice Rack To Store Small Stationary Items

Items like tacks, paperclips and staples etc can get very messy and are usually nowhere to be found when you need them. Use a spice rack to keep them nice and tidy.


7. Use Binder Clips To Organise Wires

Stop getting caught up in wires or losing them altogether by using binder clips.

8. Split Your Stapler So You Can Staple Booklets In The Middle

Follow the handy instructions from Instructables and save your self a lit of effort!

9. Use a Desk Edge Coffee Holder

We’ve all thrown it over our desks at some point, get this desk edge holder to free up more space and stop all those spillages!

10. Label A Water Bottle With A Schedule

Stay hydrated by marking a water bottle with a schedule and stick with it!

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