10 Things Only People Who Work Shift Will Understand

The struggle of shift work is real and not understood by a lot of people. God help you if you’re mixing those shifts working in retail too, you have the patience of a saint! Only people who work shift will be able to relate to these. For the rest of you, let this be a reminder of the trauma that is working shift and make sure to be extra nice and understanding to those of your friends that have to suffer through it!

1. Not Being Able To Make Plans More Than A Week In Advance

The struggle of waiting for the rotations to go up is real and all though they’re meant to be up weeks in advance, it’s more like the Sunday before hand! You answer invitations with constant maybes and have to deal with the inevitable shift changes that happen on a weekly basis!

2. Not Getting The ‘Friday feeling’

reactiongifs.com / Via Giphy

reactiongifs.com / Via Giphy

You don’t have regular weekends so you don’t get that ‘Friday Feeling’ most other people get to enjoy. Even worse, there’s a good chance you’ll be working early on the Saturday too. Traditional Weekends are the worst as that’s when most of your friends make plans to head out and you’re fighting a constant battle to get a night off and most importantly, the following morning!

3. Your 9-5 Friends Don’t Get It

If your friends have 9-5 jobs really don’t understand the drama that goes into swapping a shift or booking one off. It’s really not that easy just to call and rearrange when they decide to throw a last minute gathering! You’ve explained it a million times but it still hasn’t really sank in yet.

4. What’s This Sleeping Pattern You Speak Of?

cmt.com / Via Giphy

cmt.com / Via Giphy

You laugh long and loud if anyone ever enquires into your sleeping patterns. It’s all well and good for everyone else to have their routines in place, sticking to them rigidly in order to stay at their most energetic. Meanwhile you’re more than likely to collapse onto the couch, fully clothes at whatever time you managed to finish on that particular day!

5. Your Friends Are Practically Strangers

You go long periods of time without being able to go out with friends. On the nights they plan, you’re working, or when you are available they’ve got to be up early in the morning. Syncing schedules is an impossible task and meeting up is relegated to quick coffees or catching a movie rather than nights out.

6. What Day Is It?

whathappensinmediaplanning.tumblr.com / Via Giphy

whathappensinmediaplanning.tumblr.com / Via Giphy

Irregular shift patterns and days off mean that for the majority of the time, you actually don’t know what day of the week it is. You could start work on a Friday night and work right through until the following Saturday afternoon. Why do you even NEED to know what day it is, you just need sleep!

7. People Complaining About Their Routines, Humours You And Irritates You In Equal Measure

Oh you have to get up at 7:30AM to miss the rush hour traffic do you? Poor you! I was up at 3 am cycling to work with my shirt on backwards! Listening to your friends complain about their 9-5’s is hilarious, you’d love that routine!

8. Customers Telling You To ‘Smile’ Incites a Burning (Hidden) Rage

Reddit.com / Via Giphy

Reddit.com / Via Giphy

What’s that? Smile? Oh yes excuse me while I re-focus my eyes that have been open for the past 18 hours so I can fix my death stare on you! Customers telling you to ‘Smile’ is the worst, they do not understand the struggle!

9. The Struggle of Relationships

It seems like you’re constantly missing each other. You might get a quick peck on the cheek as you come in the door and they’re leaving but scheduling quality time is difficult and you miss out on a lot. Thank god for Netflix and being able to crash in front of it for the odd hour you do manage to sit down together.

10. Not Having A Normal Diet

foods-delight.tumblr.com / Via Giphy

foods-delight.tumblr.com / Via Giphy

The times that you eat change just as much as the times you get to sleep and you often opt for speed rather than nutrition. You’re a master at eating on the go and can regularly be found eating dinner at 4am en route to your bed.

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