12 Things You Should Never Do At Interview

Interviews can be nerve-racking enough without throwing these simple mistakes into the mix. Always remember that a job interview is a chance for you to see if the company is a good fit for you and not just the other way around. This isn’t an interrogation it’s a face to face meeting that gives both parties the opportunity to see if they’re a good fit for each other.

During the interview, you want to make sure that all you have to worry about is demonstrating your experience and personality. It’s important then, that you don’t make these simple mistakes to give yourself the best opportunity of nailing that interview!

1. Be Unhappy

You don’t want the interviewers to think you were dragged here kicking and screaming, they want you to be happy to be there and they want to make sure you’ll be a positive addition to the company.

2. Be Scruffy

There’s no excuse for turning up in wrinkled or dirty clothes. You know what a washer and iron are, use them!

3. Complain About Prior Jobs

Giving out about previous employers or bad mouthing former managers won’t make new ones any way excited to be the next crowd of people you’re giving out about.12 Things You Should Never Do At Interview

4. Not Know About the Company

Research as much as you can about the job role and company. It’s fine not to know everything. It’s not fine to not know anything.

5. Show Uninterested Body Language

Sit up straight or you’ll come across as being lazy. Don’t cross your arms as it gives the impression you’re hiding something. Be confident, open and respectful with your body language.

6. Be Unhygienic

Make sure you have showered and are well groomed for the interview. Dirty fingernails or strong odours do not entice anyone to want to employ you.

7. Fidget

Sit still, moving around too much shows your lack of confidence and nerves and might also give your interviewers motion sickness…

8. Not Be Enthusiastic

Be enthusiastic about the chance of working in this role and working for this company. Don’t act like you hold the opportunity in the same esteem as watching paint dry. They’re excited about their company and they want you to be too.

9. Be Late

Always aim to be at least 15 minutes early arriving at the building and walking in there 5-10 minutes early. If you arrive late, don;t bother going in at all.

10. Avoid Eye Contact

Maintaining eye contact shows confidence, whereas avoiding it makes you seem like someone who can’t be trusted.

11. Dress Too Fancy

Look nice and professional but don’t look like you’re going to a black tie event straight afterwards… keep it smart and professional.

12. Not ask any questions

Asking questions, particularly long term ones, shows that you’re interested in the company and excited about your potential long term career there.

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