In some areas of business it can feel like we’re constantly on the road; adjusting to time zones, rushing to catch joining flights, cursing our luck at delayed trains etc. It’s just part of the lifestyle of a business traveller. However there are certain hacks that can save a ton of time and frustration – if you know them how to work them.

Central London Apartments have developed the infographic “21 Life Hacks Every Business Traveller Needs to Know” and it’s packed full of essential information for the frequent traveller. This might be more people than you expect.

According to their research, 34% of worldwide travelers took a business trip in their own country, while 16% travelled internationally. These numbers are only rising. With the rise of digital systems that streamline business on opposite ends of the earth, there will always be travellers who will need to shoot back and forth.

Travel can be a stressful thing for many people, there are so many variables and things you need to rely on to make sure that everything goes smoothly. Most of these are out of your hands, however there are some essential things you need to do, to make sure your next journey is as stress free as possible.

Take a look at the 21 business travelling hacks below and make sure you use them on your next trip. If you’ve any great advice that will save travellers a lot of headaches, be sure to mention them in the comments below.



Source: Central London Apartments

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