Why Is It So Important To Find Motivation? Motivation is a unique characteristic that helps you to achieve the highest level of success in your personal and professional life.

It is essentially the reason as to why we do-what-we-do. What drives us? What makes us get up early in the morning to go for that run or do a work out? It is what makes us go that extra mile at work to get a job done right. What are the reasons we do what we do? Motivation is what makes us act the way we act.

Without proper motivation an individual will be unable to gain success and achieve his/her ultimate goals in life. Motivation plays a vital role in every field of human life, whether it’s at school, in work or even in the field of sports. Motivation helps a person gain the energy they require to accomplish his/her dreams in the best possible way.3 Reasons Why You Need to Find Your Motivation

Now that we are aware about the importance of motivation, lets take a brief look at 3 things motivation gives you that leads to success. As you read below you will gather some knowledge on the importance of motivation and how a person can gain success if he/she is being motivated properly.

Self Confidence

This is one of the most important benefits of motivation in a person’s life. It will enable you to gain self-confidence and thereby face various challenges in a confident manner. Motivation encourages us to engage in greater positive internal dialogue, which plays a vital role in improving your self-esteem. Our self-esteem is basically how we view our abilities and ourselves. Simple changes in how we speak to ourselves internally can have a significant impact on our self-confidence, and ultimately over time change our perception, allowing us to maximize our full potential.

A lack of confidence is one of the key reasons that we lose our motivation. If we don’t believe that we will succeed then we do not see the point in even trying. When we have low self-confidence, our past failures, mistakes and personal weaknesses tend to consume our mind. We begin thinking the worse of every situation. By engaging in motivational techniques and avoiding negative self-talk, we can build our self-esteem back up. Many people find that being grateful for what they do have in their life can have a tremendous impact on their self-esteem levels. This can be achieved by looking at all the good things in your life, what you have achieved so far, and what you are good at for example.

Understanding motivation will enable you to attain personal and professional goals that you may feel are beyond your ability. With the help of various motivational techniques, your perception of challenging tasks can alter, allowing you to be determined to try rather than simply view them as impossible. For example rather than saying “I am not good enough” we simply say, “with time and some effort I can become good enough.”

Self-confidence and motivation go hand in hand. If you are lacking one you will find it difficult to achieve the other.

Improve Productivity &  Efficiency

Understanding the importance of motivation maximizes our efficiency levels and enables us to be more productive. People tend to be motivated the most when they know what they want. By establishing what it is we want, we have this sense of purpose and direction. This inevitability increases our focus and thereby we progress more efficiently by being able to quickly identify that with which we want and avoid things that will not benefit us or help us achieve the results we want to. The majority of the time people feel unmotivated in life it is because they lack focus. They don’t know what it is that they want. How can you be motivated to achieve something when you don’t know what it is?

Sometimes we have a tendency to focus on things that we do not want more than the things we do actually want in our life. By focusing more on our fears, rather than the goals we would like to achieve, we drain our motivation levels. Fears, such as the fear of failure or being alone, can often disable us and prevent any action from being taken. When we change our focus to clearly defined goals we can then begin taking action to achieve them. We can establish a sense of direction and the path we need to take. We can devise a plan that will help us direct our energy to where we need it most. As we begin taking action and accomplishing our goals, this will ultimately improve both our self-confidence and motivation, allowing us to be more productive, efficient and happier in our lives.

Self Discipline

Self discipline is a fundamental element to getting to where we want to go in life, whether it is starting a business or getting fit and losing that weight. There are many definitions of self-discipline but the majority would consider it to be performing activities or sticking with a goal until we achieve it, even when we lose our motivation. It is doing the things that we do not necessarily enjoy because we want the end result bad enough. When a person knows what they want, and they really want to achieve it, they tend to be highly motivated and disciplined to do what it takes to get it. When we are motivated and highly focused on achieving something, even if the results may not show up till way in the future, we develop a greater level of self discipline.

This should hopefully give you a better understanding of the importance of motivation. Motivation is a state of mind, a heightened state that we can achieve when we know exactly what we want in life and have the determination to go and get it.

Identify your ‘reason why’. Why do you want what you want? If it’s a good enough reason for you then there will be nothing to stop you achieving motivation and success. Your self confidence, productivity and self discipline will grow to such heights that you will fly through accomplishments. So first things first, in order to completely understand your own motivation, identify the reason why you want it!

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