32 Ways to Drive Traffic to Your Website Other Than SEO

SEO is a fantastic way to bring regular traffic to your site, but it takes time to climb the rankings and you should never keep all your eggs in one basket when it comes to traffic. There are many ways in which you can drive people to your website. The key is driving people who will be interested, in other words – targeted visitors.

It’s tempting to just try to get as many people there as possible, however your efforts are much better placed in finding people who will have a genuine interest in your content, will click on the ads that are displayed or purchase the product/service you are offering.

Here’s a list of ways to find high quality visitors.

  1. Twitter – Take time to build a strong network and tweet great content.
  2. Facebook – Build a fan page using targeted ads and post great content.
  3. Youtube – Youtubes search engine is as powerful as Google, post helpful videos to get people onto your site.
  4. Other Social Networks There are others, pick according to you sector. LinkedIn and Pinterest are also a good idea to check out.
  5. Email Lists – From the very onset you should be building an email list you keep in regular touch with high quality and useful information.
  6. Flickr – Remember to link back.
  7. Participating In Forums – Within your sector, once you’ve built a reputation, many will let you add your website in your signature.
  8. Guest Posting – Find reputable websites in your sector and see if you can guest post.
  9. StumbleUpon – Submit your highest quality posts.
  10. Start An Affiliate Program – Create a high quality product and join an affiliate network. Hundreds of people will send traffic to your site.
  11. PPC Advertising – Facebook, Google etc. Get yourself infant of a targeted audience.
  12. Free Ebooks – This is a top way to build subscribers but also works well on social media.
  13. Other Bloggers – Send a sample of your product or service to expert bloggers in your field. This includes youtube reviewers who may make a video of your product.
  14. Calls to Action – Always ask people to like, share and subscribe at the end of posts. Even if it’s just displaying the buttons that allow them to do so.
  15. Send Your Product To Youtube Gurus For Review – Same as above, but get your products reviewed in a shiny youtube video and watch your stats rocket.
  16. Email Outreach – Mention brands in content. Email them asking for a shout out. It is rare but responses are worth it.
  17. Commenting On Blogs In Your Sector – Read the article and leave real comments.
  18. Run Competitions – Particularly when they require people to share across social media to take part.
  19. Quality over quantity – Always post high quality content and steer well clear of PLR articles or badly written content.
  20. Syndicate Your Content – Ensure it is always back linked to your own site but this allows other blogs in your sector to republish your articles.
  21. Sponsored posts – Allow others to post on your site. Make sure to mark them as sponsored or guest posts, and tag them as nofollow.
  22. Blogging Communities – Promote fellow bloggers posts and get them to promote yours.
  23. Facebook Groups – There will always be Facebook groups in your sector. Become an active – NON SPAMMY member.
  24. Retweeting/Sharing Service – Companies like Just Retweet allow you to earn points for retweeting other members content and use these points to have your own posts retweeted.
  25. Banner Ads – Only on similar sites as you want targeted traffic.
  26. Create Infographics – People prefer to get all of their information in an easy to read visual format.
  27. Create Ultimate guides – Research the hell out of a topic and create the complete resource for it. You can also turn this into an affiliate product.
  28. Reply To Your Comments – Always reply to every comment on your site.
  29. Ask People To Bookmark Your Site – Boost those return visits.
  30. Breaking news – Set up alerts to find breaking news in your sector and be one of the first to write about it and post on social media.
  31. Regular content – You really need to be posting regular content. If people think the site is abandoned they won’t come back and may think your posts are out of date.
  32. Interview Experts – People love hearing about success.

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