35 Tips That Will Save You Money

A lot of us struggle to save money, living paycheque to paycheque and feeling like no matter how hard we try, we can never seem to stay on top of bills. Usually however, it’s the small things that can make all of the difference.

If you really monitored what you were spending your money on, you’ll more than likely find that the little amounts you’re spending on inconsequential things, are actually adding up to be a huge sum!

Get into the practice of writing down what you’ve spent and what on, at the end of everyday. It’ll really shock you into making some changes. Below are some more money tips to help you kick start your savings so that in a couple of years, you’ll have a large sum available to go and travel, set up a business or whatever other big plans you have.

  1. Carpool to work – Carpooling will save you money on fuel and its also great for the environment.
  2. Get Fit – This leads to getting sick less often and fewer doctor’s bills.
  3. Use Coupons – Learn how they work and start using them, people successfully save a fortune on everyday items.
  4. Try to repair first – If something breaks, your first instinct should be to try and fix it rather than replace.There are lots of ‘How To’ Videos available online.
  5. Add vegetarian meals to your diet – Meat is usually the most expensive part of you meal. Go vegetarian a few meals a week.
  6. Haggle on insurance – Call your car insurance, contents insurance etc and ask for deals. Usually they will have discounts available to take advantage of.
  7. Turn off your lights – It seems like such a simple thing but many of us leave a room without turning off a light or TV.
  8. Learn to say “no.” – To yourself and others. It’s ok to say no to going out all the time and you have to get used to stopping yourself making impulse purchases. think it through first, is it worth it?
  9. Use the library – Stop buying books and borrow them for free instead.
  10. Use thrift stores – You can find clothing, luggage, books, movies and even furniture for next to nothing and usually in great condition.
  11. Refinish furniture – This handy skill can help you transform outdated pieces of furniture into modern centre pieces. 
  12. Get a roommate – It’s a great way to share some of your most expensive outgoings and if you’re careful with the choice, you’ll make a great friend too. 
  13. Learn to Sew – Sewing is a fantastic skill and you’ll save a lot by learning how to repair tears or hem pants.
  14. Keep a Coin Jar –  Empty your pockets into it every day and that loose change soon adds up.
  15. Grow your own – Grow your own vegetables and save money. No garden? Maybe consider an indoor growing practice such as aquaponics.
  16. Eat In – Where possible, prepare your own meals. Grabbing lunch or dinner out can be very expensive.
  17. Refurbished products –  Many places offer computers etc with warranties, saving you lots of money.
  18. Get gifts on Etsy –  Etsy is full of high quality, crafted goods that make thoughtful gifts at affordable prices.
  19. Stop Drinking Alcohol  – Not only will your body and mind be healthier, you’ll also save a tonne of money.
  20. Use generic medication  – Its much cheaper and just as good, just ask your doctor.
  21. Sign up for rewards cards on must-use items – Such as gas. You’ll need it so you might as well clock up points to spend elsewhere when you get it. 
  22. Use Deal Sites – There are lots of them out there and if you need something there’s a good chance one of them will have it for up to 50% off.
  23. Buy in bulk – This can be a massive money saving trick. Buying in bulk usually saves you a great deal, so it’s not a bad idea to bulk buy non perishables and toiletries that can cost quite a lot on their own.
  24. Plan Meals Carefully – Don’t waste food, there’s no need. Draw out weekly meal plans and be strict with them.
  25. Buy labels on ebay – You can usually find designer labels on eBay for a fraction of a price of a store.
  26. Buy a water filter – You will save money versus buying bottled money quite quickly.
  27. Quality not quantity – Something may seem cheap and we’re programmed to think that many is better than just one. But most often a quality item will save you a lot more money in the long run. Take shoes for example, they’ll also save you money on fixing bad posture later in life.
  28. Use a clothesline – Tumble dryers are very expensive to run. Using a clothesline is free and better for the environment.
  29. Look after your possessions  – Don’t leave your phone down, bike not chained etc. Replacing these is expensive and you should learn to value the things you have more that seeing them as replaceable.
  30. Use a pre-paid phone – The chances are you are spending almost twice the amount on a phone contract as you would spending on what you actually use.  
  31. Let your hair go natural –  If you spend a lot of money on hair dye, try to let it return to its natural colour. Trips to the hairdressers are expensive and you can save a lot by going less frequently and getting less done in there.
  32. Make homemade pizza – Its so much cheaper and you can be as experimental as you like!
  33. Use first class if you have a lot of luggage – The price of luggage is often included so you can end up saving money. Do the comparison.
  34. Buy neutral clothing – It’s much easier to mix and match which means you’ll need less items.
  35. Picnic Dates – Dates don’t have to be very expensive, concentrate on the romance instead and consider a long walk and a picnic.


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