4 Things a Hiring Manager Will Judge You On Straight Away

It’s nice to think we live in a world were we can get by without judging one another. However, this is not the case and certainly not so in an interview scenario. The moment you walk through the door, a hiring manager will be judging you. In fact your interview begins from the very moment you enter the building, or in some cases – before that, so keep that in mind.

We can’t speak for every single thought that goes through a hiring managers head as a candidate walks through the room, however we can list several things that the vast majority of them are watching out for. Make sure you’re on top of these to give you the best chance of nailing that interview.

1) The Time You Arrive

This shows how punctual you are. If you arrive late it seems like you don’t care about the interview, company, hiring managers time etc and makes you out to be an unreliable person. Arrive too early and they’ll be put out that they had to spend extra time accommodating you before the interview gets underway.

You want to arrive at precisely the right time, which is about 5 minutes early, unless otherwise specified. (Some companies ask you to come through security, fill out forms etc. and request you arrive 15 minutes earlier, but you should be notified of this.)

Now, this is quite a precise time to bank on arriving at, so aim to get there about 15-20 minutes earlier so you don’t risk being late and ready yourself in the car, going over your notes before hand. You’ll walk into the building in a much better frame of mind.

2) Your General Appearance

They’re not looking out for designer labels, rather general things such as a well fitted suit that is clean and has been ironed. Groomed hair, natural make up, clean nails etc. These wouldn’t be reasons you’d ever hear about a hiring manager turning you down, but don’t think that won’t be a reason for them picking someone else. According to a survey by the Undercover Recruiter, 65% of bosses indicate that clothes could be a deciding factor between two almost-identical candidates.

Just get the basics right and appear well presented and you’ll be fine. Remember, some sectors are more conservative than others so dress accordingly.

4 Things a Hiring Manager Will Judge You On Straight Away

3) Social Media Presence

It’s the digital age so you’re damn right that any future employer is going to want to check out your online presence. Having no presence whatsoever can raise a red flag. So can all the pictures of you shotgunning beers, wearing nothing but a tea cosy, while tee-peeing an ex bosses house…

According to Jobvites’s 2014 Social Recruiting Survey, 93% of hiring managers will review a candidate’s social profile before making a hiring decision. Be sensible, make sure you fully utilise all security features and only share content with friends. Better yet, get rid of anything really incriminating or that shows you in a bad light. Take the time to Google yourself and go through all of the results. It’s good practice to do this regularly anyway as there is a rising trend of people sending up fake profiles in your name!

4) First Impressions

Going a bit further than your appearance, a hiring manager will want to see exactly the kind of first impression you make when you meet someone, so that they can be confident that you’d make that same connection when sent out to meet a customer or client.

Walk into the room confidently with a warm smile and offer a firm handshake. Make sure you introduce yourself and start with some small talk to ease into the interview. It’ll set everyone at ease and show that you’re more than capable of meeting people on behalf of the company.



The Undercover Recruiter


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