7 Big Lies Interviewers Tell Candidates

We’ve all had those frustrating interviews where we don’t get the feedback we were quite looking for. You could probably guess most of the lines that are found in this study, that analysed the biggest lies interviewers tell.

This infographic by workcluster.com finds the 7 biggest ones and gives an explanation as to what an interviewer really means. It’s frustrating to be on the receiving end and can leave a bitter taste in the mouth when that company comes up in the future.

Hiring managers need to realise that it’s best to be straight up to people who have taken the time to interview with them. At the very least, people deserve honesty and the chance to improve in areas that the interviewers thought they were lacking.

Have a look through the infographic and see if you remember hearing any of these being said to you.

7 Big Lies Interviewers Tell Candidates

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