Are You Taking Advantage of LinkedIn’s Visual Portfolios?

Within the job seeking market there are few tools as valuable as having a fully completed LinkedIn profile. Recruiters are directed to your profile for relevant positions, a list of your proudest career accomplishments are available for the world to see, and your network can grow substantially with market-leaders in your sector.

However the LinkedIn CV has always been very word heavy, you scroll through endless lists of responsibilities and past accomplishments and it’s difficult to portray the real you amongst it. As the old adage says, a picture is worth a thousand words and LinkedIn have combined rich media, visual content and presentations to your portfolio page to showcase the real you amongst the deluge of text.

How Should You Use it?

This will be particularly useful for those working in creative fields, with the increasing popularity of sites such as Behance for designers; it seems LinkedIn has seen the benefits of including a more visual set-up on their previously generic, career-focussed social network.

Are You Taking Advantage of LinkedIn's Visual Portfolios?

Designers will be able to showcase work, as will photographers through the image facility. Advertisers & Marketers can flaunt their through rich media. You’ll be able to provide descriptions under each visual piece of work, showing how you work and giving viewers a greater understanding of your thought process for each project.

But it’s not only for creatives, if you have any project work, want to show off a new company website or initiative, you’ll be able to display it hear as well.

Future Changes?

Another shift will see LinkedIn eventually add the ability to like and comment under these visuals adding a virility element that has previously been unseen on LinkedIn. It’s clear that LinkedIn are keeping a close eye on the social networking competition and adjusting their own accordingly.

Make sure to take advantage of these new features, when done correctly you have an excellent opportunity to showcase your skills, the list of possible uses is endless and the particularly creative among us will no doubt produce some highly innovative end results.


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