Category: Software

Subject: Computer Software~~Educational Software



Learners will design a DC-DC converter that powers USB-C devices (20 V at 5 A) from a dc input voltage source such as a lithium-ion battery pack or a desktop computer power bus.

Aspects of the project will include:

● Design of converter power stage, gate drivers, and magnetics. Requires mastery of courses 1, 2, and 5.

● Simulation to verify correct steady-state operation. Requires mastery of courses 1 and 2.

● Design of converter control system. Requires mastery of courses 3 and 4.

● Simulation to verify correct control system operation. Requires mastery of course 4

● Preparation of a report documenting the design and its performance The report will be peer graded.

Course Accredited By: University of Colorado Boulder

Price: $49.00


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