Don’t Put These Buzzwords On Your CV!

Each year LinkedIn reports on the most used Buzzwords on users profiles and for the second year in a row, the most used buzz word is Motivated.

The chances are recruiters are starting to do a major eye roll whenever they come across this term on someone’s CV.

The thing to remember is, that a CV shouldn’t be used as a platform for you to tell them what you’re good at. It should be used as a platform for you to give relevant example that Demonstrate what you’re good at.

For example, don’t proclaim yourself to be motivated on your CV or LinkedIn profile, use an experience that demonstrates it. Like saying:

“Worked on side project for the company in my own time. Pitched the idea to my managers and they loved it. The idea was implemented and received an ROI of 200% in the first two months.”

You have steered well clear of dreaded buzzwords in the above example and even though it’s a short sentence, a recruiter can look at this and see that you are hard working, motivated, enterprising and don’t mind going the extra mile for the company you work for. Much more powerful.

The most used keywords that rounded off the top five were, enthusiastic, track record, passionate, creative and driven. On the upside people seem to have got the message about using dynamic and it thankfully avoided the top spots this year!

Always remember that actions speak much louder than words, use examples and also take advantage of the technology you have access to by displaying some of your past work. LinkedIn have an awesome feature were you can showcase projects you have worked on. You can include a link to this on your CV too. This is much more likely to get the attention of recruiters and hiring managers who will take this as being proof of your suitability for a role.

And always remember, avoid buzzwords!


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