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Success with your students starts on Day 1. Learn from NTC’s 25 years developing key skills and strategies to create positive, productive classroom environments where students thrive. Build relationships with Secondary Grade (6-12) students, establish and maintain behavioral expectations, implement classroom procedures and routines, and use instructional time effectively.

About the course: Developing mastery in establishing and maintaining a rich learning environment is one of the great joys of being a teacher. This course will provide high leverage strategies, resources, and support for professional growth so that you can provide students with the engaging, safe environment essential for student learning. This course is aligned to the needs of Secondary Grade teachers (6-12 grade, usually teaching multiple sections of the same content area, like math, fine arts, science, etc. to students 12 years and older).

This course will teach you how to implement research-based strategies in the following areas:

– Setting and communicating high expectations for students;

– Building positive relationships with and between students;

– Organizing the learning environment;

– Behavioral preventions and interventions; and

– Establishing and maintaining routines and procedures that support student learning.

Stellar classrooms don’t just happen-they’re created with the kind of intentional planning and preparation this course offers so that you and your students can be successful from the start!

Course Accredited By: New Teacher Center

Price: $49.00


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