How Projects Really Work

Miscommunication is a big problem in the business world, particular on project work. Many hours, frustration and hard feelings could be saved if businesses learned to communicate better and take the time to understand the needs of their customers.

That’s not to say every hiccup could be avoided, there will always be a tricky customer, a consultant that oversells or an addition to a bill that ruffles feathers. However, emphasis on learning to master communication would solve an awful lot of these problems and allow projects to run a lot more smoothly.

Project Cartoon have designed the following illustrations that show what generally happens with miscommunication in project work. It’s humorous, but it should also give us pause to thought on how we conduct project work in our own offices and if there’s a way to avoid all of the needless back-and-forth and disappointments.

Take a look and see if you’ve experienced the following when working on a project.

How the customer explained it


How the project leader understood it


How the analyst designed it


How the programmer wrote it


How the business consultant described it


How the project was documented


What operations installed


How the customer was billed


How it was supported


What the customer really needed


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