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Welcome to LearnToMod For Educators! In this course you will learn about: Programming Minecraft Minecraft Modding and Becoming a LearnToMod Educator and we will help you through this journey! You will get a lot of hands-on experience with an easy-to-use programming environment that is available 100% online and for free! Not only can you use it, but all of your students will also be able to use it for free as well!

Come learn the wonders of programming and how to use Minecraft as a way to engage students in learning programming. You don’t have to have ever programmed or played Minecraft before to be able to succeed in this course. We have already successfully taught hundreds of teachers around the world with this software and curriculum, with nearly 1000 teachers using LearnToMod in their classrooms before this course has even launched.

You can not only introduce your students to a new skill that is applicable in any field, but you can learn a new skill as well! This course is estimated to take approximately 4 weeks with only 5 hours of work each week. Be the hit of your school by becoming a Minecraft Modder (programmer)!

Course Accredited By: University of California, San Diego

Price: $49.00


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