Never Do These 6 Things With Your Resume!

Job seeking can be tricky enough without sabotaging yourself from the onset. Your resume is the key to getting your those interviews and showing off your skills and experience in person. Here are 6 mistakes people commonly make with their resumes. Avoid these and you’re already off to a fantastic start!

1. Sending Out Generic Resumes

It may seem time consuming, but you need to tailor your resume to each job you apply for. Most people think that if they blast out their resumes to as many companies as possible, they’re bound to hear something back. This isn’t the case at all and each hiring manager will be quickly scanning your resume against the job description to see if you’re a potential fit.

Look closely at the job advert and identify the top 3 areas they need someone to have experience in. If you have this experience (Which you should or you shouldn’t be applying) is it clearly evident from your resume? Have you described your experience well and demonstrated expertise and achievements? Chances are, you haven’t highlighted these areas as your strengths and this is why you need to tailor your CV to highlight specific experience depending on the position.

2. Not Clearly Stating Your Objectives

You need to have (tailored) objectives listed on your CV. Most people include this in their brief summary. You should customise this to the company you’re applying for, explainig how you would like to see yourself progressing with the company and the level you hope to reach.

With a little bit of research on the company it is easy to find out their staff structure and it shows a real interest in working for the company.

3. Adding Paragraph after Paragraph of Previous Experience

Not as much of a problem for people in the early stages of their careers but it becomes more so for people who have been in many jobs. You only need to really detail your last three positions. Everything after that can be company name – job title – dates. This saves the hiring manager time in reading your resume and they will only be really interested in your most recent experience anyway.

6 Resume Mistakes That Will Cost You That Interview

4. Not Spell-Checking

This is one of the biggest reasons that people don’t get called for interview. It’s human nature to make the odd mistake and we all are guilty of it every now and then. However, your resume is an important, stand-out document that is giving a first impression of who you are to a potential employer. Leaving spelling mistakes unchecked portrays you as someone who doesn’t have great attention-to-detail skills and rushes tasks.

5. Including References

Only ever allude to the fact that references are available on request and never give contact information of people you have worked for. Many hiring managers are highly protective of email addresses and phone numbers in order to not be contacted by salespeople or recruiters.

When your CV gets sent out, it often ends up directly in the hands of the latter who will then use that information to cold-call your previous employers. Showing that you can protect peoples information demonstrates you as a trustworthy person. If not, their could be a scenario down the line were you are readily handing out that hiring managers details.

6. Speaking in the Third Person

It’s not a story, it’s your resume. Speaking in the Third Person is a huge turn off for most hiring managers. Be to the point and speak in a professional manner. Also, don’t use too many buzzwords such as ‘dynamic’ or ‘motivated’. These are on almost all CV’s and hiring managers don’t want you to just tell them, they want to see examples.



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