Psychological Tricks That Will Boost Your Websites Conversions

It’s all well and good driving traffic to your website, but the most essential skill you can master, is increasing the rate of conversions of people who visit. Say for example you have 1000 visitors a day and a conversion rate of 1%. This means you get 10 sales. But increasing your conversion rate to say, 3% – (easily attainable) means that you will have tripled your purchases, or that you’d only need to have 1/3 of the visitors you needed at 1% to make the same amount in sales.

Mastering the art of conversion is a priceless skill for marketers. So many times I’ve seen great product let down by bad design, sales copy or a number of simple-to-fix reasons. These are all needless deterrents and should be the first thing you address on your site.

Use your site as the end user. It can be hard to do this in an unbiased way, after all you’re proud of your product, but it’s essential to view it from the point of view of a customer. Also look at leading competitors. What are they doing that you like or don’t like? Don’t rip them off but if you look at a competitors site and think “Hey, that was really easy to navigate around.” Then you need to bring this back to your own site and make sure that it’s just as easy to navigate.

You want the whole process to be as easy for a customer as possible. Nothing to distract them or turn them off committing to that final sale. This is just one part of it; there are also a number of psychological tricks you can implement that will make a customer much more agreeable to the idea of making a purchase. Take a look at the infographic below by Data Dial, it’s a fantastic visual detailing loads of simple tricks you can add to your website. Try them and watch your conversions increase!


Source: Data Dial

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