Gone are the days where starting a business was thought of as solely for men. Women are making a bigger impact on the business world now more than ever, and Statistics of Female Business Owners shows this is only growing.

500 women start a business everyday in the US alone, with 9 million businesses there being owned by women. These businesses generated revenues North of 1.6 trillion in 2014, making an average revenue for every business owned by a woman of $156,000 per annum.

Also in the US, 1 in 5 businesses that bring in revenue over $1 million a year are owned by women and these are experiencing an annual growth rate of 17% – pretty impressive!

It’s fair to say women mean business and thankfully, with most stereotypes and gender norms being firmly flung out the window, more women are taking the opportunity to open their own businesses.

This is incredibly important given the recent economic downturn. Businesses owned by women in the US employ nearly 9 million people! Imagine the strain on the economy if those jobs didn’t exist.

There’s some fascinating statistics about the rise of female business owners and luckily, Balboa Capital have included the ones above and more into the infographic below. Check out the impact women are having on the business world and what it means going forward.

Many more women and indeed men will be inspired by the success stories of these female entrepreneurs. We can only hope that the rate of innovation continues to grow and that business continue to start that positively impact life across a myriad of areas.

If you’re considering starting up your own business but keep putting it off, think about the positive changes you can make, not only in your own life, but in the lives of others. They’ll be positively benefitted by the awesome product or service you make and who knows, one day you can make a serious dent in employment figures as well!

women mean business

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