Our work places can unfortunately induce some of the highest levels of stress in our lives. It’s important to know how to reduce this and most importantly, to learn how to leave work at the office and not bring it home with you. Here are 5 simple methods that will reduce the amount of stress in your life.

Plan Your Day

By planning your activities via a work schedule, you will be much better prepared to embrace any stressful issues that may arise and ultimately reduce the amount of uncontrollable issues that surface during the day. By being in control, you are more inclined to remain focused whilst performing your daily tasks. Undoubtedly, you will still incur unexpected events; therefore it is important to be prepared to make changes to your plans.

Allow for a degree of flexibility. When things arise that are of importance to you, you must deal with these straight away. Avoidance or procrastination can lead to an increased level of anxiety and stress. Some people have found it extremely beneficial to carry an appointment book with them, therefore diminishing the risk of forgetting important obligations.


Lace up those running shoes! Exercising regularly is a great way to relieve stress, by providing us with a boost of happy endorphins. Anything from running to yoga can help ease our stress levels. 5 Simple Ways To Combat Stress At WorkWe also breathe a lot more effectively while we exercise. This added oxygen allows our brains to access positivity a lot easier than when it’s starved of oxygen. You’ll perform loads better!

Exercise can also improve your sleep, which can become disrupted by stress and anxiety. As an added bonus, it provides us with time to think and focus on other things in our life. It’s becoming more and more common for people to exercise on their lunch breaks. If there’s no gym close by or place to shower, it’s even a huge benefit to get outside for a walk. The fresh air and removing yourself from the work environment, even for a short space of time, will rejuvenate you for the rest of the day. 


Sometimes a good chat with a close friend can prove useful in the reduction of stress and anxiety. By speaking with a trusted friend we can gain a much clearer perspective on our issues, which enables us to become more relaxed. You’ll be able to manage stress much better if you have other people helping and supporting you. Also keep in mind that you’re friends might be going through a tough time and trying not to let it show. A simple and sincere “How are you?” can make a huge difference to someone.

Avoid Negative People

Where possible, surround yourself with people who support you. Avoid spending more time than is necessary with people who continually put you down, as this will contribute to your level of anxiety.

Particularly in the office. It can be tough when you’re in such close confines but try your best not to get drawn into any office politics and avoid gossip. It’ll make things much easier if you remove yourself from that type of negativity at work.

End of Day Routine

Practice the same routine at the end of each work day. This can be as simple as checking your emails one last time, closing down all applications on your computer and shutting it down all together, drawing the blinds, tucking your chair in etc – it depends on your kind of workspace. The most important thing is you develop a routine and practice it at the end of every workday.

In this way you’re training yourself to know that work has finished for the day and you won’t be doing any more. This allows you to leave work with the office and not bring it home with you. Avoid the temptation of doing work from home if you are experiencing high levels of stress. You need to clearly establish separation between your professional and personal life.

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