Teamwork is essential for the success of your business and you want to be safe in the knowledge that your teams are working together in the best way possible. How can we encourage team bonding in fun ways?

The first thing that might jump to mind are the retreats and team building weekends we see depicted so much on film and television. However there are many techniques you can implement in the office and on a more regular basis.

Focussing on team bonding as a continual process rather than one weekend in a year, means that people working together are constantly learning about each others strengths and weaknesses. This means they can use this to make sure a project gets completed in the most effective way possible.

Here are 4 fun team bonding techniques you can begin implementing almost right away!

4 Fun Team Bonding Techniques

Team Based Rewards

Having individual targets is important, however assigning team based ones and corresponding rewards is also essential for team bonding.

Come up with a clear system where teams are awarded points for things like finishing a project early, coming in under project, getting high client satisfaction rates. These rewards are tied to milestones that are great for the growth of the business and also encourage your teams to work harder and in more innovative ways.

The teams with the most points receive a reward such as a night out, holiday vouchers, bonus etc. Whatever works best for your business and the stage you’re at.


Allowing your employees to choose some causes to focus on for the year, encourages teamwork to help raise money and also help some people in need.

Run some fundraising events throughout the year and add a little incentive for the team that manages to raise the most for their chosen charity by the end of the year.

Doing something for others is reward enough in itself and takes the competitive focus off work only. Exceeding targets is always a good habit to get used to and doing it on behalf of a worthy cause will make everyone involved feel great.

Office Challenges

We had these in a company I used to work in and they were really great fun. Whether it’s team based trivia or games, having these once a week allow people to have a good laugh with their teammates.

Ideas for office team bonding challenges include:

  • Team Quizzes
  • Best Song Contests (Each team picks a song based on something specific, like ‘The Best Theme song from a 90’s movie’ etc.)
  • Sports Days
  • Team Based Games.

Role Playing Training

Many businesses offer continual training to allow their employees to grow and learn new skills. Allow a part of this to happen within the teams.

For example if you’re a sales based company, allow roleplaying to occur that boosts these skills. Pair people up and ask one to sell to the other and vice versa.

Make sure to praise where things go well and to instruct on how to improve. A lot of the time during these role plays, a team member introduces a new technique that works well and boosts the overall performance of everyone else.

It’s also a lot of fun and everyone gets to have a good laugh as you pretend to be someone else.

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