The String theory – Edward Witten

The theory of everything. Learn the theory that changed physics forever and the perception of universe we live in with The String theory course.


  • Lectures:             27
  • Video:                  2 Hours
  • Skill level:           Beginner level
  • Languages:         English 

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Who is the Fundamentals of The String theory Course aimed at?

This course has been designed for anyone with an interest in science who would like to learn more about the theory of strings and its developments.

What does this course cover?

The String Theory course contains 27 lectures covering the following topics:

  • Section 1: The need for new theories
  • Section 2: The string theory
  • Section 3: The superstrings
  • Section 4: Many aspects of a vision
  • Section 5: The research
  • Section 6: Supplement

What’s Included?

  • The String theory includes 27 lectures and 2 hour of video content!
  • 22 masterclasses and 1 hour and more of content
  • You will learn what the game theory is
  • You will learn how the game theory can be used in everyday life
  • You will learn how game theory is closely related to mathematics and how from a game of chess it is possible to build a mathematical model of behavior.

What are the requirements?

You only need to have a real interest in science to take this course. Loudon’t need any scientific skill since it is presented in a clear and simple manner

B.Y.O’s Verdict on the Fundamentals of The String theory  Course

One of the most fascinating physical theories, the string theory, as told by one of its greatest interprets, Edward Witten. This course is a fantastic introduction into the world of String Theory. Those of you who may be worried that you need a scientific background in order to understand this, don’t be! The course is presented in a really easy to understand manner that will cover a variety of topics and explain the workings of the universe.


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