10 Free Online Veterinary Courses

Do you love animals? Always wanted to work with them but ended up pursuing something else? Have you thought about exploring Veterinary Medicine again? If so and you’re wondering where to start, below are 10 fantastic free courses you can take online, that cover a range of Veterinary topics.

Animal Behavior at MIT

The introductory topics will cover various approaches to the study of animals and their behavior. Key concepts in studies of animal behavior, emphasizing ethology, are covered in class and in the assigned readings from Scott (2005), supplemented by selections from other books, especially from classics in the field as well as selected videos.

Animal Diversity at African Virtual University

This module is divided into four learning units: General Characteristics of Animals, Evolutionary Trends in Animals, Classification of animals, and The Importance of Animals.

DOG EXAMINATION TECHNIQUES at the University of Nottingham

This presentation has been developed to introduce veterinary students to the process of carrying out a systematic physical examination in canine patients.


EVetU was developed as a web-based resource for veterinary hospital practice managers to easily train their team members. Online Video training modules are available to subscribers for free. Each module is short (usually less than 20 minutes long) and has an interactive quiz at the end, and is part of a larger free Veterinary Assistant Course I. Upon successful completion of the course, each participant will receive a Certificate of Completion


This course is about our extraordinarily diverse and complicated relationships with the nonhuman lives in, near, and removed from our communities.


This course follows the first-year Human-Animal Relationships course and precedes the third-year course Ethics and Veterinary Medicine.

Population Health at Tufts University

This course is designed to challenge and encourage you, as veterinary students, to explore the relationships between population health and public health, animal health and human health, and clinical and population-based health practice.


This course covers a wide range of topics, from Defense of the Lungs Against Infection to Acid-Base Regulation Revisited.


This course is an updated version of Zoological Medicine (2005), currently on the  Tufts OCW website. This course, which combines Introduction to Zoological Medicine and Zoological Medicine, is exceptionally content-rich. Lectures range from Waterfowl and Raptor Medicine to Avian Clinical Practice to Carnivore Medicine to Ferret Medicine.

Cattle Management at Utah State University

Managing Beef Cattle Under Drought Conditions – a 24 part course

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