110 Free Online History Courses From Top Universities

History is a fascinating subject to study. There are so many areas and cultures to explore that it’s impossible to get through them all. However, many people are drawn to certain areas and periods and it’s interesting to see the reasons why.

Many Universities and Colleges now offer their history courses for free, online. It can take a while to sift through everywhere and find them all so we wanted to make a list where you could find the best ones, from the best institutions.

Below are 110 free online history courses for you to get through. Find your favourite and dive back into the past today!

110 Free Online History Courses From Top Universities

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A Tale of Three Super Powers – Missouri State

African American HistoryYale

African-American History: Modern Freedom Struggle – Stanford

American Economic History  – UC Berkeley

American Economic History – UMass-Amherst

American Environmental History – Dan Allosso/ UMass-Amherst

Ancient Greece: City and Society – La Trobe University

Ancient Greece: Myth, Art & War – La Trobe University

Ancient Greek History – Yale

America in Depression and War – MIT

America in the Nuclear Age – MIT

Ancient Israel – NYU

Australian Aboriginal History – La Trobe University

Ben Franklin and the World of the Enlightenment – Stanford/UC Santa Cruz

Big History – Macquarie University

Black Matters: Introduction to Black Studies – MIT

China: Traditions and Transformations – Harvard

Colonial and Revolutionary America – Stanford

Constitutional Convention – University of Oklahoma

Economic History of the Soviet Union – Marginal Revolution U.

Early Imperial Russia – La Trobe University

Early Modern England: Politics, Religion & Society under the Tudors and Stuarts – Yale

Early Modern Germany – UC Berkeley

East Asia in the World – MIT

Emperors of Rome – La Trobe University

Empire: Introduction to Ancient and Medieval Studies – MIT

Epidemics in Western Society Since 1600 – Yale

Ethnic Relations in the US – Arizona State

Europe in the 19th Century – UC Berkeley

Europe and the World: Wars, Empires, Nations 1648-1914 – UC Berkeley

European Civilization, 1648-1945 – Yale

European Civilization from Renaissance to Present – UC Berkeley

European Civilization from the Renaissance to the Present – UC Berkeley

European Cultural History, 1500-1815 – University of Wisconsin- Madison

European Cultural History, 1660-1870 – University of Wisconsin- Madison

European Cultural History, 1880-1920 – University of Wisconsin- Madison

France, 1660-1815: Enlightenment, Revolution, Napoleon – MIT

France Since 1871 – Yale

Freedom 101: Introduction to American Constitutional History – U. of Oklahoma

From Print to Digital: Technologies of the Word, 1450-Present – MIT

Gender and the Law in U.S. History – MIT

Hannibal – Stanford

Harvey Goldberg Lectures (1975-1983) – University of Wisconsin

Historical Jesus – Stanford University

History of Anthropological Thought – UC Berkeley

History and Practice of Human Rights – UC Berkeley

History of Information – UC Berkeley

History of Iran to the Safavid Period – Columbia University

History of the Culture of Tea in China and Japan – UC Berkeley

History of the International System – Stanford University

History of the Modern Middle East – Columbia University

History of New York City: A Social History — NYU

History of the United States Since 1945 – UC Berkeley

History of the United States Since 1877 – Missouri State

History of the World to 1500 CE – Columbia University



History of the World Since 1500 CE – Columbia University

Imperial and Revolutionary Russia: Culture and Politics, 1700-1917 – MIT

Intellectual History of the United States since 1865 – UC Berkeley

International and Global History Since 1945 – UC Berkeley

Introduction to African American Studies – University of Illinois

Introduction to Ancient Greek History – Yale

Introduction to American Studies – UC Berkeley

Islam, the Middle East, and the West – MIT

Japan in the Age of the Samurai: History and Film – MIT

Jewish History from Biblical to Modern Times – MIT

Libertarianism in History – MIT

Maker of the Modern World? Imperial Britain, 1714 to the Present – UC Berkeley

Making History – La Trobe University

Medieval British History – Bilkent University

Modern Civilization: 1750 to Present – UCLA

Modern Jewish History – Madison

Nazi Germany and the Holocaust – MIT

Race and Gender in Asian America – MIT

Renaissance To Revolution: Europe, 1300-1800 – MIT

Rethinking the Black Liberation Movement – University of Illinois

Rethinking Theory in Black Studies – University of Illinois

Riots, Strikes, and Conspiracies in American History – MIT

Science, Magic and Religion – UCLA

Soviet Politics and Society, 1917-1991 – MIT

The American Founders and Their World – Stanford

The American Revolution – Yale

The American Revolution – MIT

The Ancient City – MIT

The Ancient Mediterranean World – UC Berkeley

The Ancient World: Greece – MIT

The Ancient World: Rome – MIT

The Birth of the Modern: Europe and its Others – Arizona State

The City of Athens in the Age of Pericles – MIT

The Civil War and Reconstruction Era, 1845-1877 – Yale

The Early Middle Ages, 284-1000 – Yale

The Emergence of Modern America 1865-Present – MIT

The History of Public Health – Johns Hopkins

The Kennedy Half-Century – University of Virginia

The Making of Russia in the Worlds of Byzantium, Mongolia, and Europe – MIT

The Modern World: Global History Since 1760 – UVA

The Ottoman Empire – La Trobe University

The Peculiar Modernity of Britain, 1848-2000 – UC Berkeley

The Reformation – Westminster Theological Seminary

The Renaissance, 1300-1600 – MIT

The Rise and Fall of the Second Reich – UC Berkeley

The Roman World – La Trobe University

The Royal Family – MIT

The Story of Freedom in America – University of Oklahoma

The United States and the World Since 1945 – UC Berkeley

U.S. History from the Late 19th Century to the Eve of World War II – UC Berkeley

US History: from Civil War to Present – UC Berkeley

The Western Tradition – UCLA

War and Peace: International Relations since 1914 – UC Berkeley

World Economic History Before the Industrial Revolution – UC Davis

World War and Society in the 20th Century: World War II – Harvard


Here are 25 online history courses delivered as lectures from Richard Bulliet of Columbia University:

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