21 Customer Service Interview Questions Asked By Apple

One of the biggest brands in the world, you can imagine how many people apply to work with Apple. With so many people using one of their many products, it’s also important for them to have an excellent customer service team – which is what many people interview for in the company. Therefore, we created a list of 21 customer service interview questions asked by Apple.

These interview questions were asked by Apple to people interviewing for the roles of Customer Support Advisor and Home Advisor and posted on the site Glassdoor.

Although asked by Apple, these questions are excellent revision points for anyone that has an up and coming interview Customer Service Interview.

You’ll notice that there is a good split of knowledge about the company, their products and your proficiency on the job. These are standard competency-based interview questions that you need to have well prepared before your interview. If you need more help on competency-based interviews, you can check out our full guide here.

Take a look at the questions below and if you’re interviewing for another company, tailor them to fit and make sure you can answer them easily.



1) Who is the CEO of Apple?

2) What do you think is the most common problem people ring in?

3) How would you deal with working from home?

4) How would you deal with a particularly difficult customer?

5) What if somebody called looking for the nearest pizza takeaway, what would you do?

6) What is excellent customer service?

7) Who are Apple’s main competitors?

8) You have three different inquiries, how do you assign priorities?

9) What do you expect to do in this position?

10) What kind of environment do you need to work in to be at your best?

11) What is the current iOS?

12) What struggles will you face working from home?

13) Do you agree with measuring customer satisfaction through customer surveys?

14) Name one time you turned an irate customer into a happy customer

15) What is the latest Apple Product?

16) How do you install iTunes on a Mac?

17) What is a USB?

18) Tell me a time you had to deal with an emotional customer, and what have you done?

19) Why do you think customer service is important to apple?

20) How did you overcome working with a difficult boss?

21) How will you manage reaching your targets?