30 Free Online Courses in Finance

Many of the most successful people in the world lament the fact that we’re not given a proper financial education, while too much time is spent looking at subjects that won’t have as much of an impact on our lives. One of the key traits of successful people is not knowing how to make money but also knowing how to make money work for you. It’s knowing how to read and understand financial statements, knowing what’s going on in financial markets, what would be a good investment and what to run a mile from.

It is never too late to learn however and now it’s easier than ever. Some of the worlds biggest educational instate offer financial courses you can take from the comfort of your own home, for free. Take a look at the list below and kickstart your financial education!


1. Financial Theory | Yale

2. International Finance | IIT Kharagpur

3. Fundamentals of Personal Financial Planning at UC Irvine

4. Financial Markets ECON 252 at Yale University

5. Family Finance from Utah State

6. International Trade | UC Berkeley

7. Personal Finance: Debt and Borrowing at Open University

8. Introduction to Economics at Utah State

9. Investment Risk at Open University

10. Investing in Your Future at Rutgers

11. Behavioral Finance | University of Western Sydney

12. Financial Security for All at Michigan State University

13. Investments at MIT

14. Taxes and Business Strategy at MIT

15. Entrepreneurial Finance at MIT

16. Money 101 at CNN Money

17. Economics at Carnegie Mellon University

18. Finance Theory II at MIT

19. Behavioral Economics and Finance at MIT

20. Principles of Macroeconomics at MIT

21. Principles of Microeconomics at MIT

22. Money and Banking | UMass-Amherst

23. Planning for a Secure Retirement at Purdue

24. Financial Markets | Yale

25. Money, Trade and Society | Missouri State

26. The Power of Macroeconomics | UC-Irvine

27. The Power of Microeconomics | UC-Irvine

28. World Economy in the 20th Century | UC Berkeley

29. Analytics of Finance | MIT

30. Real Estate Finance and Investment | MIT