35 Free University Resources To Learn A New Language

Many of us make plans to learn a language but never quite get around to it. However, with all the resources online it’s now easier than ever – you just have to know where to look. Below are 35 language course available for you to take online, completely for free. They’re provided by some of the biggest Universities in the world and will let you achieve your goal of learning a new language, completely at your own pace, and from the comfort of your own home.

Make this the time you commit to learning a new language. There’s nothing quite like visiting a country where it’s spoken and being able to converse with the locals in their native tongue!


Arabic Elementary Course – Lund University

Arabic for Beginners 1 – Darlarna University

Ancient Languages (Greek, Latin, Sanskrit, Old English, etc) – UT-Austin Linguistics Research Center

Basic German – Cambridge University

Beginner’s Chinese – Open University

Beginning Chinese – Seton Hall

Beginning Chinese Reader – Seton Hall

Intermediate Chinese – Seton Hall

Intermediate Chinese Reader – Seton Hall

Advanced Chinese – Seton Hall

Advanced Chinese Reader – Seton Hall

Brazilian Portuguese Pronunciation – Emory University

Chinese Basic – Cambridge University

Dialogue for German Learners: Beginner’s Level – The University of South Wales

Francais interactif – University of Texas

Elementary French 1 – Carnegie Mellon

Elementary French 2 – Carnegie Mellon

French in Action –  Yale University

French 1 & French 2 – Carnegie Mellon

Icelandic Online – University of Iceland

Intermediate Chinese – Cambridge University

Introduction to Urdu Alphabet – Emory University

Japanese Kana – Hiragana – Emory University

Kanji Characters – Emory University

Mandarin Chinese Characters – Emory University

Numbers and Radicals – Emory University

Online Intermediate College Korean – University of California Press, 2002

Pathway to Korean: Beginning Spoken Korean from Zero – The Ohio State University

Russian Essentials – Cambridge University

Russian for Beginners 1 – Dalarna University

Spanish 1 – David Nance, Arkansas

Spanish 2 – David Nance, Arkansas

Spanish 3 – David Nance, Arkansas

Speak Italian with Your Mouth Full – MIT, Dr Paola Rebusco

Thai Alphabet – Emory University