47 Free Online Courses In Psychology

The study of behaviour and mind is one of the most rewarding subjects someone can dive into. Psychology is a fascinating subject, that spans a huge area of study. If you’re interested in learning more about how the mind works, why people behave the way I do, and how to influence certain behaviours, then you’ll be interested in these courses.

Perfect for anyone who is considering a career change, has a general interest, or wants to apply psychology to boost their own business, here are 74 free online courses in psychology that will allow you to do just that. May have been created by recognised professors at top universities, perfect for giving you a great understanding of the subject.

Free Online Courses In  Psychology

Diploma in Psychology from Alison

Diploma in Educational Psychology from Alison

Biology and Behaviour in Psychology from Alison

Psychology: Memory and Cognition from Alison

Applied Psychology – Introduction to Consumer Behavior from Alison

Applied Psychology – Understanding Models of Consumer Behavior from Alison

Applied Psychology – Matching Marketing Strategies to Consumer Personalities from Alison

Applied Psychology – Understanding Consumer Attitudes from Alison

Social Psychology from Wesleyan University Via Coursera

Positive Psychology from The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill via Coursera

Introduction to Psychology from The University of Toronto via Coursera

Psychology of Popularity from The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill via Coursera

Buddhism and Modern Psychology from Princeton University via Coursera

Psychological First Aid from Johns Hopkins University via Coursera *

Introduction to Psychology from Yale University

The Psychology, Biology and Politics of Food from Yale University

Introduction to Psychology from MIT

Social Psychology from MIT

Neuroscience and Behavior from MIT

Animal Behavior from MIT

Feeling and Imagination in Art, Science, and Technology from MIT

The Society of Mind from MIT

Introduction to Mental Health and Disaster Preparedness from Johns Hopkins University

Issues in Mental Health Research in Developing Countries from Johns Hopkins University

Psychiatric Epidemiology from Johns Hopkins University

Social and Behavioral Aspects of Public Health from Johns Hopkins University

Statistics for Psychosocial Research: Structural Models from Johns Hopkins University

Statistics in Psychosocial Research: Measurement from Johns Hopkins University

Brain Structure and its Origins – from Gerald Schneider of MIT via Apple iTunes

Buddhist Psychology – from Eleanor Rosch of UC Berkeley via Apple iTunes

Clinical Psychology – from Ann Kring of UC Berkeley via Apple iTunes

Cognitive Science – from Professor Richard Ivry of UC Berkeley via Apple iTunes

Developmental Psychology – from Alison Gopnik of UC Berkeley via Apple iTunes

How to Think Like a Psychologist – from various professors at Stanford University via Apple iTunes

Social Psychology: Self and Society –  from Robb Willer of UC Berkeley via Apple iTunes

Human Emotion – from Dacher Keltner of UC Berkeley via Apple iTunes

Human Happiness – from Dacher Keltner of UC Berkeley via Apple iTunes

The New Psychology of Depression – from professors Mark Williams and Dr Danny Penman of University of Oxford via Apple iTunes

Environmental Psychology – from Daniel Stokols, PhD of University of California via Apple iTunes

Health Psychology – from Brian Yates, PhD of American University via Apple iTunes

Great Ideas in Psychology – from Todd Daniel of Missouri State via Apple iTunes

History of Experimental Psychology – from University of Oxford via Apple iTunes

Psychology of Adolescence – from professor Sung-Kyung Yoo of Ewha Womans University via Apple iTunes

Critical Social Psychology – from The Open University via Apple iTunes

Abnormal Psychology – professor Frederick J Rocco of Bristol Community College via Apple iTunes

Psychology of Perception – from University of Wisconsin via Apple iTunes

Psychology of Time – from Professor Dr. Stian Reimers of the City University of London via Apple iTunes


*(Free without certificate of certification. A small fee is certificate is required. All course material remains the same with or without the certification of completion.)