63 Free Online Courses Engineering – Civil, Mechanical & Electrical

These courses cover Mechanical, Civil and Electrical Engineering and are a fantastic way to gain an in depth understanding of the subject. Provided by the top Universities in the world, they’re perfect for gaining a beginner’s understanding of Engineering and also an advanced insight into more technical areas. Make sure to take advantage of them!


Advanced Analog Integrated Circuits – UC Berkeley

Advanced Visualization – UC Davis

Atomistic Computer Modeling of Materials – MIT

Basic Electronics – IIT Madras

Chemical Engineering: Process Dynamics and Controls – University of Michigan

Civil and Environmental Engineering – UC Berkeley

Communications Systems – The University of Texas at Dallas

Control Systems Engineering – UWE Bristol

Convex Optimization I – Stanford

Convex Optimization II – Stanford

Direct Solar/Thermal to Electrical Energy Conversion Technologies – MIT

Dynamics of Machines – IIT

Dynamics and Control I – MIT

Electrical – Digital Signal Processing – IIT

Electro-Magnetic Fields – III

Electronics & Communication Engineering – Signals and Systems – IIT

Electronic Feedback Systems – MIT

Electronic Techniques for Engineering – UC Berkeley

Electronics – High-Speed Devices & Circuit – IIT Madras

Elementary Fluid Mechanics – UC Berkeley

Engineering Dynamics – MIT

Engineering Ethics – MIT

Engineering Ethics – Ohio State

Engineering Statics – Carnegie Mellon

Environmental Air Pollution – IIT

Fields and Waves – The University of Texas at Dallas

Fluid Mechanics – IIT

Fundamentals of Photovoltaics – MIT

Green Supply Chain Management – MIT

Groundwater Hydrology – MIT

High-Speed Digital Design – Oxford

Humanitarian Engineering – Ohio State

Image Processing – UC Davis

Information and Entropy – MIT

Information Theory and Coding – IIT Bombay

Integrated Circuit Devices – UC Berkeley

Introduction to Chemical Engineering – Stanford

Introduction to Digital Integrated Circuits – UC Berkeley

Introduction to Engineering – Duke University

Introduction to Lean Six Sigma Methods – MIT

Introduction to Linear Dynamical Systems – Stanford

Introduction to Microelectronic Circuits – UC Berkeley

Introduction to Modeling and Simulation – MIT

Linear Integrated Circuits – Free Online Video – UC Berkeley

Mechanical Engineering: Introduction to MEMS Design – UC Berkeley

Microelectronic Devices and Circuits – UC Berkeley

Microcontroller Design – Cornell

Microcontroller and System-on-Chip Construction Using Verilog and Altera FPGA – Cornell

Nano-to-Macro Transport Processes – MIT

Nanomanufacturing – U Michigan

Nonlinear Finite Element Analysis – MIT

Nuclear Engineering – UC Berkeley

Nuclear Engineering 101 Nuclear Reactions and Radiation – UC Berkeley

Optimization Models in Engineering – UC Berkeley

Pre-Engineering: Intro to Microcontrollers – Michigan MI Learning

The Structure and Properties of Materials – UC Berkeley

The Engineering Profession – University of Michigan

The Fourier Transform and its Applications – Stanford

Technology Entrepreneurship – Stanford

Understanding Lasers and Fiberoptics – MIT