Can Studying with Music Help?

So, you’re just about to kick off your study session, but something is missing. You can hear the dog outside, cars going by, and even the leaves blowing along the pavement are distracting you. So you find yourself asking: “can studying with music help?”


Can Studying with music help?

Here’s the thing, music can be quite helpful when you are studying, but it can also serve as a distraction. It’s important to find the right music that allows you to study effectively and not to also serve as a further distraction. 

For me, I study with some music. However, for others, they need complete silence. So it does depend a lot on the student and how they like to study because everybody is unique. Some people believe in the Mozart effect and for me, certain music does help me to study better. 

I find that with some background music, I can completely shut the world out and it’s just me and the music. However, what’s important here is the choice of music. The music I tend to listen to is soft, relaxing and has no lyrics. It’s really just serving as some white noise as I study. 

Now if that music had lyrics it would be a totally different ball game. I would not be able to zone out and focus on what I was trying to learn. My brain would be listening to the lyrics of the song instead of focusing on what I was studying and I would end up frustrated and feel like I am making little no progress. 

This is why music choice is important. Even if you think you’re not listening to the words of a song, your brain is. This to me is wasted energy. Your brain uses energy when it’s performing mental tasks. When it gets depleted of energy you can no longer study effectively. Therefore, while listening to some Ed Sheeran seems good, your doubling your workload and not studying effectively. 

When you find some background study music it can really help you get in the mood for study. Check out some of these study playlists on YouTube. These are good to help you relax into your study session and can help you stay calm and reduce any anxiety that you may experience while studying., especially when exams are approaching.

On the flip side, there’s certain music you should avoid. One is any song with lyrics because they are going to reduce the amount of focus that you can direct at what it is that you are learning. But also certain songs with a high bpm, or are angry in nature, as this can affect your mood with studying. 

For all types of music, it’s important that it’s not too loud. if the music is too loud it will have a negative effect on how well you can study and comprehend the information. Our goal as students is to study effectively. If we are competing with music while trying to learn the information it is going to slow us down and affect how well we absorb the information. 

What is the best music to listen to while studying?

Nature Sounds

Some people like having nature sounds in the background as they study. They listen to things like the sounds of rain or birds chirping to set the mood and help them relax into their study session.

You can use apps like Noisli to drown out annoying and distracting noises from your neighbors and create a playlist of sounds that you would rather hear while studying. These can be used to help increase your focus and productivity. 

Classical Music

Classical music can be a good way to go when you are looking for something to help you relax into a long study session and really set the mood. Check out some classical study playlists on YouTube to see if they boost your concentration during the study session.

Ambient Music

This is another favorite of mine. I listen to this quite a bit especially when I have to write an essay or work on a project. I find it very soothing and easy to relax to. It helps keep me calm and less anxious especially at the beginning of a project when there is just so much to do. You can check some ambient music also on YouTube. 

Electric Music

This type of music could be a good choice if you find that the classic or typical study playlists are just not your thing. YouTube has a lot of ambient EDM music playlists for studying so you can check out a few and see if they help you while studying. 


So can studying with music help? Yes, it certainly can but it will come down to the individual and the type of music. A well-chosen playlist can help you focus better, increase concentration and help you become fully immersed in what you are doing. It can also help reduce any stress or anxiety that you may be experiencing. Places like Youtube and Spotify have plenty of study music playlists so go check them out!