How does Studying with a Purpose Help you?

When it comes to studying, and studying well, there are a few important questions that need to be answered first. One of these is “How does studying with a purpose help you?”

When you know the benefits of studying with a purpose you approach your study session in a totally different manner. Studying with purpose enables you to truly connect with what you are trying to learn.

How does studying with a purpose help you?

How does studying with a purpose help you?

1) Having a purpose enables goal setting

Studying with a purpose is entirely different than just sitting down to study aimlessly. When you have a purpose you have goals and targets that you want to achieve. You know exactly what it is that you want to learn and this becomes your study plan. 

2) Creates motivation

You begin with this goal and do not stop until it is achieved. By establishing a purpose you know exactly what is the outcome of that study session. You begin with setting out the information that you want to learn and establish how long it will take you to learn it.

You also set out the ways in which you will learn this information. If you need some guidance on how best to learn information in a way that suits you, check out our post on “what types of learners are there?

3) Leads to a more meaningful study session

Studying with a purpose can also lead to more meaningful learning. Students have many different reasons for choosing the course that they are learning. When you have a purpose for pursuing that course you are more motivated to learn the information. Not only learn the topics and subjects in the course, but you actually want to understand the information. 

This, in turn, leads to a more meaningful study session. You do not simply want to learn for the sake of learning and just pass the exam. But you want to understand the information. You want to take what you have learnt and apply it in the real world. 

4) Your purpose allows you to see the bigger picture

This is where studying with a purpose has some real benefits. When you establish the reasons why you are studying the course that you choose, whether it’s to become successful in your career and advance as quickly as possible or because you want to make an impact on the world by becoming an environmental activist. 

This study found that students who have these greater long term social purposes tend to connect with their course work in a more meaningful. Not only this, but they actually report greater satisfaction from studying than does student who are learning purely for the sake of passing the exams. 

Being able to look beyond what you are learning now to see how it will help you in the future is the key to a successful and purposeful study. It gives you the power to do well and truly succeed when the going gets tough. It enables you to not only learn the information but also think about how you would apply this in the real world to make a difference in the area that you are interested in. 


So how does studying with a purpose help you? It helps by allowing you to make a deeper connection with your course work and enables you to truly want to learn the information and understand it. 

This in turn makes the process of learning and studying truly more enjoyable. It also makes you more determined to do well and set out goals that enable you to establish what needs to be done and how you are going to do it.