How To Write A Remarkable Essay



One of the most daunting aspects of college or university is writing an academic essay. Trying to keep to the word count, without waffling and making sure you’re completely covering the topic.

However, with research and plenty of time, you’re more than capable of producing remarkable essay’s that achieve you just as remarkable grades.

The following infographic by Buy Research Papers demonstrates exactly how to go about writing a remarkable essay. If you’re nervous about writing and want to pick up your grades make sure you’re doing all of the things listed here.

Writing a good essay is a fantastic skill and transferable to writing reports when you’re in the workplace. Learn how to do it right now and reap the rewards for many years to come.

Free Guide to Remarkable Essay Writing

Academic writing style = formal style

  • Avoid clichés, contractions, informal phrases, subjective descriptions
  • Use the first person “I” when writing up your own experience
  • Use plain language, but no jargon
  • Shorter sentences are clearer than long complex ones

Integrating evidence and your own ideas

Support each point that you make in your essay with evidence.

A model for a paragraph that includes evidence:

1.Introduce your point

2.Add the evidence to support the point

3.Explain how this evidence supports your point

4.Explain how the point helps answer the question

Critical analysis

We do it every day when assessing information around us.

  • Avoid unnecessary description
  • Interpret your evidence
  • Be specific. Avoid making generalizations
  • Use counter-arguments to your advantage.

Editing and proofreading

Always find enough time to check everything over.


  • Check whether all the points are relevant to the question
  • Cut it out if the information isn’t precisely answering the question


  • Read your essay aloud
  • Have a friend to read it through


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