7 Skills You Need to Master

There are skills we can master now that will pay dividends for many years to come. These are life long skills that don’t just concentrate on one area, they positively affect many areas of our lives.

These skills are perfected by the world’s most successful people and allow them to reach even greater heights. People who want to make a difference in the world and to achieve their goals, know that continual personal development is key to pushing themselves further than others have done before.

These 7 skills, when mastered, will allow you to confidently approach tasks and excel at them.

7 Skills You Need To Master

Saying ‘No’

It’s not our go-to response when someone asks us something, but it’s definitely a term you need to get more comfortable with.

It’s impossible to leap on every opportunity without spreading ourselves too thin, so the key is identifying the opportunities that will yield great results amongst the time-sinks.

Many people are afraid to say no because they’re worried it will make them less likeable or hurt the other person’s feelings in some way. Remember you’re not obliged to do everything simply because you were asked.

Your time is valuable and you need to utilise it in the best way possible to achieve success.

Time Management

Time seems to slip away from us at an ever-increasing pace. Trying to do a million things at once, only makes this worse. The key to time management is to identify your highest priorities for the day and then anything else you complete is just a bonus.

Not only this, you need to schedule a time to complete these priorities. If you’re running from events to meetings, to appointments and trying to satisfy other non-essential tasks, where are you going to find the time to complete your essential ones?

Allocate your time, shut everything else off and get them done.


Listening just to listen is vastly different than listening with the intent to respond.

Many people who proclaim their excellent listening skills fall into the latter. However, to truly understand a situation or where someone is coming from means listening, digesting the information and formulating what to do next.

It makes a huge difference to the people that are speaking to you as well. It makes them feel that what they’re saying is important and relevant and you’re taking the time to understand their problem. Interrupting, telling someone how they should be feeling or dismissing the problem, is not listening.

This is an important element in forming good relationships and growing your business with collaborations. It’s particularly important if your business exists to solve problems for others, such as a consultancy or agency.

Staying Positive

Negativity doesn’t get things done, positivity does. A positive mindset is essential in keeping motivated to achieve your goals. Negative people are also a huge sap on your own energy and should be steered well clear from.

Look at challenges and obstacles in a positive light and you’ll find it much easier to come up with a solution to get around them. It also makes you a much more likeable person to be around and people will enjoy working with you.

Being Resourceful

Resourcefulness is a key trait and one everyone needs to develop. It’s too easy, especially now, to think that there’s a ready-made solution to everything or you can just get someone else to do it. Resourcefulness is finding the solution when you don’t have these resources available to you.

It’s a key trait of entrepreneurs in turning their start-ups into success. In a time when cash flow is limited, it’s imperative to think outside the box in order to get things done. Eventually, the money catches up with the ambitions but still, resourcefulness should always front of mind in any decision.

Asking for Help

Some people have the idea that asking for help can make your look vulnerable or weak. That it exposes you in someone and makes you look unconfident. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Asking for help is a key way of learning, think back to school.

If you don’t understand something then it’s far better to ask for help rather than muddling through and making a mess of it at the end. Think of all the time and energy that could have been saved if you had just asked in the first place.

Interestingly, asking others for help makes them warm to us on a psychological level. By being the person that got to help another out, that person feels gratified and good about themselves. They associate that with you.

Being Innovative

Innovation is the key to making your mark on the world. Everything can be improved upon and the answer is there if you’re able to look at things differently.

This is often why newcomers to a sector often come up with new and better ways of doing things. By not being exposed to the ‘tried and tested’ way of doing things, they’re able to look at a situation in a completely new light.

A lot of the time we take for granted that things work just fine as they are. However, perfection doesn’t exist and something can always be worked at and improved upon. If you can be the person who sees those new and positive changes, you can make a serious impact on the world.