The Ultimate List Of Free Online Courses

In terms of continual learning, the Internet has been an absolute gift! Not only is it simple to find advice from experts in the field, but you can also locate a course and sign up on just about any topic.

A lot of these courses are from some of the most prestigious educational bodies in the world. On top of this, a lot of these courses and classes are completely free.

Because there’s so much information online, it can be overwhelming at times to narrow down and find exactly what we need. We want informative courses from reputable sources, but where do we begin looking?

To help save you the trouble, we’ve compiled this ultimate list of free online courses, spanning a huge range of subjects and created by serious educational institutions. So far, our list stands at a massive 1146 free online courses! We’ll continually add to this so it’s a good idea to bookmark the page and please, let us know if you know of any courses you come across that should be on here as well.

You can navigate this mammoth list by clicking the links below and they’ll take you to the subject you’re most interested in.

We hope you find this useful and most importantly, happy learning!

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24 Anthropology (50)
25 Biology (79)
26 Business (45)
28 Engineering (60)
29 Entrepreneurship (118)
31 Finance & Economics (60)
32 History (110)
33 Languages (35)
35 Literature (60)
36 Medicine (165)
37 Philosophy (117)
39 Political Science (60)
40 Psychology (47)
42 Writing (37)

 Acadoceo (1)


Anthropology (50)

Biology (79)

Business (45)

Design (20)

Engineering (60)

Entrepreneurship (118)

Fashion Design (10)

Finance & Economics (60)

History (110)

Languages (35)

Law (22)

Literature (60)

Medicine (165)

Philosophy (117)

Photography (22)

Political Science (60)

Psychology (47)

Veterinary (10)

Writing (37)

Acadoceo (1)


Animation (18)

PIXAR IN A BOX – Pixar Animation Studios and Khan Academy

The Elements of Drawing – Oxford University

Art 020: Introduction to Drawing – Penn St. University


Animation – TUFTS University

3D Design – TUFTS University

Explore Animation – National Film and Television School

The Smart Animator: Free Maya Course – Vancouver Animation School

Narrative & Storytelling for Animation * – School Of Computing Teesside University via Udemy

Character Design and Story Polish * – School Of Computing Teesside University via Udemy

Introduction to 3D Animation with Autodesk Maya * – School of Interactive Design via Udemy

Cinematography for 2D Animation Essentials *- Udemy

Get your animation Game Ready with Unity & Anime Studio Pro * – Udemy

Introduction To Clay Animation For Beginners * – Udemy

2D Animation Essentials in Anime Studio Pro 11 * – Udemy

Fundamentals of Graphic Design** – CALARTS

Character Design for Video Games ** – CALARTS

Interactive Computer Graphics ** – The University of Tokyo

Anthropology (50)

Adventures in Forensic Anthropology – University of Cape Town

American Dream: Exploring Class in the U.S. – MIT

Anthropology of Biology – MIT

Anthropology of Religion – Utah State University

Anthropology of the Middle East – MIT

Anthropology of the South Pacific – UC Berkeley

Anthropology of War and Peace – MIT

Anthropological Theory – MIT

Anthropology Through Speculative Fiction – MIT

Becoming Human: Anthropology (BeHuman) – Macquarie University

Black Matters: Introduction to Black Studies – MIT

Cultural Anthropology – Utah State University

Culture, Embodiment and the Senses – MIT

Disease and Health: Culture, Society, and Ethics – MIT

Drugs, Politics, and Culture – MIT

Ethnic and National Identity – MIT

Food and Culture – MIT

Gender and Representation of Asian Women – MIT

Gender, Power, and International Development – MIT

Gender, Sexuality, and Society – MIT

History and Anthropology of Medicine and Biology – MIT

How Culture Works – MIT

Identity and Difference – MIT

Introduction to Anthropology – MIT

Introduction to Biological Anthropology – UC Berkeley

Introduction to Cultural and Social Anthropology – Arizona State

Introduction to Latin American Studies – MIT

Law and Society – MIT

Magic, Witchcraft, and the Spirit World – MIT

Medicine, Religion and Politics in Africa and the African Diaspora – MIT

Myth, Ritual, and Symbolism – MIT

People and Other Animals – MIT

Photography and Truth – MIT

Power: Interpersonal, Organizational and Global Dimensions – MIT

Primate Behavior – University of Notre Dame

Race and Science – MIT

Religion and Social Order – the University of California at Irvine

Rethinking the Family, Sex, and Gender – MIT

Seminar in Ethnography and Fieldwork – MIT

Slavery and Human Trafficking in the 21st Century – MIT

Social Theory and Analysis – MIT

Teaching and Learning: Cross-Cultural Perspectives – MIT

The Anthropology of Cybercultures – MIT

The Anthropology of Sound – MIT

The Business of Politics: A View of Latin America – MIT

The Conquest of America – MIT

The Contemporary American Family – MIT

Violence, Human Rights, and Justice – MIT

Witch-Hunt Persecutions – La Trobe University

What is Capitalism? – MIT

Biology (79)

Adolescent Health and Development – Johns Hopkins

Anatomy & Physiology – Carnegie Mellon

Animals in Research: Law, Policy, and Humane Sciences – Johns Hopkins

Animal Behavior – MIT

Animal Science – La Trobe University

Autism and Related Disorders – Yale

Behavioral Endocrinology – Johns Hopkins

Biochemistry – Free Web Course – Carnegie Mellon

Biochemistry for Pre-Meds – Oregon State

Biodiversity and the Meaning of Human Existence – Duke

Biophotonics – UC Davis

Bioscience in the 21st Century – Lehigh University

Brain and Behavior – NYU

Brain Structure and its Origins – MIT

Cardiovascular Grand Rounds – Emory

Case Studies in Primary Healthcare – Johns Hopkins

Changing the Face of American Healthcare – Notre Dame

Computational Molecular Biology – Stanford

Darwin’s Legacy – Stanford

Diet and Nutrition – La Trobe University

Enhancing Humane Science – Improving Animal Research – Johns Hopkins

Environmental Health Sciences – UC Berkeley

Evolution – University of Illinois

Evolution and Medicine – Yale

Evolution, Ecology and Behavior – Yale

Exercise Science and Wellness – Arizona State

Foundations of Computational and Systems Biology – MIT

Frontiers in Biomedical Engineering – Yale

Fundamentals of Biology – MIT

General Biology 1 – John Hopkins

General Biology 1 – UMass-Boston

General Biology 2 – UMass-Boston

General Biology – UC Berkeley

General Biochemistry and Molecular Biology – UC Berkeley

General Human Anatomy – UC Berkeley

General Introduction to Plant Development, Form, and Function – UC Berkeley

Genetic Engineering in Medicine, Agriculture, and Law – UCLA

Genomes and Diversity – NYU

Genomics & Computational Biology – MIT

Genomic Medicine – MIT

Global Problems of Population Growth – Yale

Growing Up in the Universe – Oxford

Hacking Consciousness: Consciousness, Cognition and the Brain – Stanford

Health and Culture – Arizona State

Health Behavior Change at the Individual, Household and Community Levels – Johns Hopkins

Human Behavioral Biology – Stanford

Introduction to Biochemistry – Oregon State

Introductory Biology – MIT

Introduction to Biology – UC Berkeley

Introduction to Biology – Carnegie Mellon

Introduction to Cellular & Molecular Biology  Columbia U.

Introduction to Human Nutrition – UC Berkeley

Introduction to Human Physiology – UC Berkeley

Introduction to Immunology – U Mass-Boston

Introduction to Toxicology – UC Berkeley

Introduction to Veterinary Anesthesiology – Ohio State

Issues in Mental Health Research in Developing Countries – Johns Hopkins

Life, Concepts and Issues: Introduction to Life Sciences for Non-Science Majors – UCLA

Modern Biology – Carnegie Mellon

Molecular Biology: Macromolecular Synthesis and Cellular Function – UC Berkeley

Molecules and Cells – Johns Hopkins

Pharmacology – La Salle University

Plant Science – La Trobe University

Pre-Med Primer: What Your Advisor Won’t Tell You – Oregon State

Principles of Human Development – Missouri State

Principles of Human Nutrition – La Trobe University

Pulmonary Medical School – Ohio State

Replaceable You: Stem Cells and Tissue Engineering – Stanford

Straight Talk About Stem Cells – Stanford

Stem Cells: Policy and Ethics – Stanford

The Brain: A User’s Guide – Princeton

The Future of Human Health – Stanford

The History of Public Health – Johns Hopkins

The Stanford Mini Med School (Fall) – Stanford

The Stanford Mini Med School (Winter) – Stanford

The Stanford Mini Med School (Spring) – Stanford

The Stanford Mini Med School: The Heart – Stanford

Urban Health in Developing Countries – Johns Hopkins

Virology – Columbia University

Business (45)

Branding, Content & Social Media – Ohio State

Building a Business  – Oxford University

Building a Business: Moving Your Product to the Market – Oxford University

Business Intelligence Tools – East Tennessee State

Corporate Finance – NYU

Corporate Finance – HEC (France)

Corporate Finance for Healthcare Administrators – University of Michigan

Crisis Management: Proseminar in Public Relations – Missouri State

Entrepreneurship and Business Planning – Carnegie Mellon

Entrepreneurship through the Lens of Venture Capital – Stanford

Essentials of Advertising and Marketing – Arizona State

Financial Management – Missouri State

Financial Planning and Money Management – Southwestern Community College

Futures and Options (Agriculture) – UC Davis

Global Supply Chain Management – IISc Bangalore

How to Develop Breakthrough Products and Services – MIT

How to Launch a Successful Startup Company – MIT

How to Start a Startup – Stanford

International Finance – IIT Kharagpur

International Taxation – University of Washington

International Taxation II – University of Washington

Introduction to Business Administration – U. of New Hampshire

Introduction to Consumer Behavior – IIT Kharagpur

Introduction to Entrepreneurship – UNC-Chapel Hill

Introductory Probability and Statistics for Business – UC Berkeley

Introduction to Strategic Management – IISC Bangalore

Investment Philosophies – NYU

Marketing 321 – Texas A&M

Money and Banking – Missouri State

Money and Banking (Syllabus) – UMass-Amherst

Organizational Behavior – IIT Kharagpur

Personal Finance – Missouri State

Principles of Management – Iona College

Principles of Managerial Accounting – Villanova

Real Estate Finance I – Columbia University

Real Estate Finance III – Columbia University

Startups – Stanford

Strategic Marketing – Contemporary Issues – IIT Kanpur

Supply Chain Management & Logistics: An Intro to Principles and Concepts – Cranfield University

Taxation of Trans-Pacific Transactions – University of Washington

Technology Entrepreneurship – Stanford

The New Entrepreneurs – Open University

The Startup Workshop – Stanford

Valuation – NYU

Writing for Strategic Communication – La Trobe University

Design (20)

Graphic Design – Visual and Graphic Design – from Alison

Adobe Photoshop CS6 Essential Tools – from Alison

Adobe After Effects – from Alison

Google SketchUp for 3D Modeling – from Alison

Design – Applying Design Principles – from Alison

Product Design – from Alison

Multimedia Design and Applications – from African Virtual University

Design and Composition – from Palomar College

Computer Graphics – from MIT

CSS Layout with HTML5 – from UC Berkeley

Multimedia Storytelling – from UC Berkeley

Building Flash Templates – from UC Berkeley

3D Design – TUFTS University

Adobe Illustrator: Mastering the Fundamentals – Via Udemy

Web Design for Web Developers: Build Beautiful Websites! – Via Udemy

Beginner Photoshop to HTML5 and CSS3 – Via Udemy

Cinematography for 2D Animation Essentials – Via Udemy

The Beginner’s Guide to Graphic Design – Via Udemy

Fundamentals of Graphic Design** – from CALARTS

Character Design for Video Games ** – from CALARTS


Engineering (60)

Advanced Analog Integrated Circuits – UC Berkeley

Advanced Visualization – UC Davis

Atomistic Computer Modeling of Materials – MIT

Basic Electronics – IIT Madras

Chemical Engineering: Process Dynamics and Controls – University of Michigan

Civil and Environmental Engineering – UC Berkeley

Communications Systems – The University of Texas at Dallas

Control Systems Engineering – UWE Bristol

Convex Optimization I – Stanford

Convex Optimization II – Stanford

Direct Solar/Thermal to Electrical Energy Conversion Technologies – MIT

Dynamics of Machines – IIT

Dynamics and Control I – MIT

Electrical – Digital Signal Processing – IIT

Electro Magnetic Fields – III

Electronics & Communication Engineering – Signals and Systems – IIT

Electronic Feedback Systems – MIT

Electronic Techniques for Engineering – UC Berkeley

Electronics – High-Speed Devices & Circuit – IIT Madras

Elementary Fluid Mechanics – UC Berkeley

Engineering Dynamics – MIT

Engineering Ethics – MIT

Engineering Ethics – Ohio State

Engineering Statics – Carnegie Mellon

Environmental Air Pollution – IIT

Fields and Waves – The University of Texas at Dallas

Fluid Mechanics – IIT

Fundamentals of Photovoltaics – MIT

Green Supply Chain Management – MIT

Groundwater Hydrology – MIT

High-Speed Digital Design – Oxford

Humanitarian Engineering – Ohio State

Image Processing – UC Davis

Information and Entropy – MIT

Information Theory and Coding – IIT Bombay

Integrated Circuit Devices – UC Berkeley

Introduction to Chemical Engineering – Stanford

Introduction to Digital Integrated Circuits – UC Berkeley

Introduction to Engineering – Duke University

Introduction to Lean Six Sigma Methods – MIT

Introduction to Linear Dynamical Systems – Stanford

Introduction to Microelectronic Circuits – UC Berkeley

Introduction to Modeling and Simulation – MIT

Linear Integrated Circuits – Free Online Video – UC Berkeley

Mechanical Engineering: Introduction to MEMS Design – UC Berkeley

Microelectronic Devices and Circuits – UC Berkeley

Microcontroller Design – Cornell

Microcontroller and System-on-Chip Construction Using Verilog and Altera FPGA – Cornell

Nano-to-Macro Transport Processes – MIT

Nanomanufacturing – U Michigan

Nonlinear Finite Element Analysis – MIT

Nuclear Engineering – UC Berkeley

Nuclear Engineering 101 Nuclear Reactions and Radiation – UC Berkeley

Optimization Models in Engineering – UC Berkeley

Pre-Engineering: Intro to Microcontrollers – Michigan MI Learning

The Structure and Properties of Materials – UC Berkeley

The Engineering Profession – University of Michigan

The Fourier Transform and its Applications – Stanford

Technology Entrepreneurship – Stanford

Understanding Lasers and Fiberoptics – MIT

Entrepreneurship (118)

Strategic Marketing Measurement

Marketing Strategy

Entrepreneurial Marketing

Special Seminar in Marketing: Marketing Management

Strategic Management I

Strategic Management II

Technology Strategy

Advanced Strategy

Managerial Psychology

Managerial Psychology Laboratory

Practical Information Technology Management

Law for the Entrepreneur and Manager

Patents, Copyrights, and the Law of Intellectual Property

People and Organizations

Economic Analysis for Business Decisions

Applied Macro- and International Economics

Applied Macro- and International Economics

Macro and International Economics

Global Climate Change: Economics, Science, and Policy

Applied Economics for Managers

Game Theory for Strategic Advantage

Game Theory for Managers

Competitive Decision-Making and Negotiation

Global Strategy and Organization

Global Markets, National Politics and the Competitive Advantage of Firms 

Economy and Business in Modern China and India

Managing Global Integration

Business Model Innovation: Global Health in Frontier Markets

Literature, Ethics and Authority

Ethical Practice: Professionalism, Social Responsibility, and the Purpose of the Corporation

Special Seminar in Communications: Leadership and Personal Effectiveness Coaching

Communication for Managers

Advanced Managerial Communication

Communication Skills for Academics

Managerial Psychology Laboratory

Organizational Processes

Building and Leading Effective Teams

Organizational Leadership and Change

Strategic Organizational Design

Leading Organizations II

Team Project

Individuals, Groups, and Organizations

Organizations and Environments

Managing Transformations in Work, Organizations, and Society

Doctoral Seminar in Research Methods I

Doctoral Seminar in Research Methods II

Managing Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Managing the Innovation Process

Managing Innovation: Emerging Trends

How to Develop “Breakthrough” Products and Services

The Software Business

Corporate Entrepreneurship: Strategies for Technology-Based New Business Development

Entrepreneurial Sales

Global Entrepreneurship Lab: Asia-Pacific

Global Entrepreneurship Lab: Latin America, the Middle East, and Africa

New Enterprises

Early Stage Capital

Designing and Leading the Entrepreneurial Organization

Finance Theory I

Finance Theory II

Financial Management

Entrepreneurial Finance


Analytics of Finance

Financial Accounting (Summer 2004)

Financial and Managerial Accounting

Taxes and Business Strategy

Management Accounting and Control

Business Analysis Using Financial Statements

Information Technology Essentials

The Economics of Information: Strategy, Structure and Pricing

Generating Business Value from Information Technology

Research Seminar in IT and Organizations: Economic Perspectives

IT and Business Transformation

Workshop in IT: Collaborative Innovation Networks

Innovative Businesses and Breakthrough Technologies – The Legal Issues

The Law of Corporate Finance and Financial Markets

The Law of Mergers and Acquisitions

Strategic HR Management

Power and Negotiation

Negotiation and Conflict Management

Work, Employment, and Industrial Relations Theory

Urban Labor Markets and Employment Policy

Political Economy I

Operations Management

Introduction to Operations Management

Supply Chain Planning

Manufacturing System and Supply Chain Design

The Theory of Operations Management

Management of Services: Concepts, Design, and Delivery

Operations Strategy

Logistics Systems

Management of Supply Networks for Products and Services

Product Design and Development

Seminar in Operations Management

Marketing Management


Listening to the Customer

Optimization Methods in Management Science

Organizations as Enacted Systems: Learning, Knowing and Change

Technology Strategy for System Design and Management

Managing and Volunteering In the Non-Profit Sector

The Sociology of Strategy

Dynamic Leadership: Using Improvisation in Business

Digital Anthropology

Developmental Entrepreneurship

Professional Seminar in Sustainability

Practical Leadership

Leadership Lab

U-Lab: Leading Profound Innovation for a More Sustainable World

Special Seminar in Management The Nuts and Bolts of Business Plans

Leadership Tools and Teams: A Product Development Lab

Organizing for Innovative Product Development

System Dynamics Self Study

Architecture and Communication in Organizations

S-Lab: Laboratory for Sustainable Business

Cross-Cultural Leadership

Practice of Finance: Advanced Corporate Risk Management

Fashion Design (10)

Beginning Costume Design and Construction – MIT

Fashion Drawing Tutorials – Fashion Era

Textile Design Entrepreneurship – Utah Education Network

Craft of Costume Design – MIT

University of Fashion

Fashion Entrepreneurship – Business of Fashion

Fashion History – Business of Fashion

Fashion Marketing & Communications – Business of Fashion

Fashion Business Basics – Business of Fashion

Sewing Essentials Online Video Course – Sewing Workshop

Finance & Economics (60)

Advanced Political Econo



my – University of Western Sydney

Against All Odds: Inside Statistics – Harvard

American Capitalism: A History – Cornell

American Economic History  – UC Berkeley

Behavioral Finance – University of Western Sydney

Capitalism and Its Critics – MIT

Capitalism: Success, Crisis and Reform – Yale

Case Studies in Economic Development – UC Berkeley

Crisis, Globalization and Economics – Harvard

Development Economics – George Mason

Development E

conomics: Macroeconomics – MIT

Econometrics – MIT

Economic Analysis-Micro – UC Berkeley

Economics and E-Commerce – MIT

Economics and Psychology – MIT

Economic Geography of the Industrial World – UC Berkeley

Economic History of the Soviet Union – Marginal Revolution U.

Economic Statistics and Econometrics – UC Berkeley

Economics of the Media – George Mason

Energy Decisions, Markets and Policies – MIT

Environmental Economics – UC Berkeley

Finance Theory 1 – MIT

Financial Markets – Yale

Financial Markets 2011 – Yale

Financial Theory – Yale

Game Theory – Yale

Game Theory in the Social Sciences – UC Berkeley

Game Theory and Economics – IIT Guwahati

Global Poverty and Impact Evaluation – UC Berkeley

Great Economists: Classical Economics and its Forerunners – George Mason

History of Economic Theory – IIT Madras

Intermediate Microeconomic Theory – UC Berkeley

International Finance – IIT Kharagpur

International Political Economy – Middlebury College

International Trade – UC Berkeley

International Trade – George Mason

Introduction to Economics – UC Berkeley

Introduction to Environmental Economics and Policy – UC Berkeley

Law and Economics I – UC Berkeley

Lectures on Human Capital – U Chicago

Marxian Economics – UMass – Amherst

Medieval Economic History in Comparative Perspective – MIT

Mexico’s Economy: Current Prospects and History – U. of Oklahoma

Money and Banking – UMass-Amherst

Money and Banking – Missouri State

Money, Trade and Society – Missouri State

Principles of Economics: Microeconomics – George Mason/MRUniversity

Principles of Microeconomics – MIT

Principles of Macroeconomics – Missouri State

Principles of Macroeconomics – UC Davis

Psychology and Economics – UC Berkeley

Public Economics – Harvard

Radical Capitalism – University of Illinois-Springfield

Sports Economics – La Trobe University

The Eurozone Crisis – George Mason

The Federal Reserve and the Financial Crisis – George Washington University

The Challenge of World Poverty – MIT

The Elements of Economic Analysis – U Chicago

The Power of Macroeconomics – UC-Irvine

World Economic History Before the Industrial Revolution – UC Davis

History (110)

A Tale of Three Super Powers – Missouri State

African American HistoryYale

African-American History: Modern Freedom Struggle – Stanford

American Economic History  – UC Berkeley

American Economic History – UMass-Amherst

American Environmental History – Dan Allosso/ UMass-Amherst

Ancient Greece: City and Society – La Trobe University

Ancient Greece: Myth, Art & War – La Trobe University

Ancient Greek History – Yale

America in Depression and War – MIT

America in the Nuclear Age – MIT

Ancient Israel – NYU

Australian Aboriginal History – La Trobe University

Ben Franklin and the World of the Enlightenment – Stanford/UC Santa Cruz

Big History – Macquarie University

Black Matters: Introduction to Black Studies – MIT

China: Traditions and Transformations – Harvard

Colonial and Revolutionary America – Stanford

Constitutional Convention – University of Oklahoma

Economic History of the Soviet Union – Marginal Revolution U.

Early Imperial Russia – La Trobe University

Early Modern England: Politics, Religion & Society under the Tudors and Stuarts – Yale

Early Modern Germany – UC Berkeley

East Asia in the World – MIT

Emperors of Rome – La Trobe University

Empire: Introduction to Ancient and Medieval Studies – MIT

Epidemics in Western Society Since 1600 – Yale

Ethnic Relations in the US – Arizona State

Europe in the 19th Century – UC Berkeley

Europe and the World: Wars, Empires, Nations 1648-1914 – UC Berkeley

European Civilization, 1648-1945 – Yale

European Civilization from Renaissance to Present – UC Berkeley

European Civilization from the Renaissance to the Present – UC Berkeley

European Cultural History, 1500-1815 – University of Wisconsin- Madison

European Cultural History, 1660-1870 – University of Wisconsin- Madison

European Cultural History, 1880-1920 – University of Wisconsin- Madison

France, 1660-1815: Enlightenment, Revolution, Napoleon – MIT

France Since 1871 – Yale

Freedom 101: Introduction to American Constitutional History – U. of Oklahoma

From Print to Digital: Technologies of the Word, 1450-Present – MIT

Gender and the Law in U.S. History – MIT

Hannibal – Stanford

Harvey Goldberg Lectures (1975-1983) – University of Wisconsin

Historical Jesus – Stanford University

History of Anthropological Thought – UC Berkeley

History and Practice of Human Rights – UC Berkeley

History of Information – UC Berkeley

History of Iran to the Safavid Period – Columbia University

History of the Culture of Tea in China and Japan – UC Berkeley

History of the International System – Stanford University

History of the Modern Middle East – Columbia University

History of New York City: A Social History — NYU

History of the United States Since 1945 – UC Berkeley

History of the United States Since 1877 – Missouri State

History of the World to 1500 CE – Columbia University

History of the World Since 1500 CE – Columbia University

Imperial and Revolutionary Russia: Culture and Politics, 1700-1917 – MIT

Intellectual History of the United States since 1865 – UC Berkeley

International and Global History Since 1945 – UC Berkeley

Introduction to African American Studies – University of Illinois

Introduction to Ancient Greek History – Yale

Introduction to American Studies – UC Berkeley

Islam, the Middle East, and the West – MIT

Japan in the Age of the Samurai: History and Film – MIT

Jewish History from Biblical to Modern Times – MIT

Libertarianism in History – MIT

Maker of the Modern World? Imperial Britain, 1714 to the Present – UC Berkeley

Making History – La Trobe University

Medieval British History – Bilkent University

Modern Civilization: 1750 to Present – UCLA

Modern Jewish History – Madison

Nazi Germany and the Holocaust – MIT

Race and Gender in Asian America – MIT

Renaissance To Revolution: Europe, 1300-1800 – MIT

Rethinking the Black Liberation Movement – University of Illinois

Rethinking Theory in Black Studies – University of Illinois

Riots, Strikes, and Conspiracies in American History – MIT

Science, Magic and Religion – UCLA

Soviet Politics and Society, 1917-1991 – MIT

The American Founders and Their World – Stanford

The American Revolution – Yale

The American Revolution – MIT

The Ancient City – MIT

The Ancient Mediterranean World – UC Berkeley

The Ancient World: Greece – MIT

The Ancient World: Rome – MIT

The Birth of the Modern: Europe and its Others – Arizona State

The City of Athens in the Age of Pericles – MIT

The Civil War and Reconstruction Era, 1845-1877 – Yale

The Early Middle Ages, 284-1000 – Yale

The Emergence of Modern America 1865-Present – MIT

The History of Public Health – Johns Hopkins

The Kennedy Half-Century – University of Virginia

The Making of Russia in the Worlds of Byzantium, Mongolia, and Europe – MIT

The Modern World: Global History Since 1760 – UVA

The Ottoman Empire – La Trobe University

The Peculiar Modernity of Britain, 1848-2000 – UC Berkeley

The Reformation – Westminster Theological Seminary

The Renaissance, 1300-1600 – MIT

The Rise and Fall of the Second Reich – UC Berkeley

The Roman World – La Trobe University

The Royal Family – MIT

The Story of Freedom in America – University of Oklahoma

The United States and the World Since 1945 – UC Berkeley

U.S. History from the Late 19th Century to the Eve of World War II – UC Berkeley

US History: from Civil War to Present – UC Berkeley

The Western Tradition – UCLA

War and Peace: International Relations since 1914 – UC Berkeley

World Economic History Before the Industrial Revolution – UC Davis

World War and Society in the 20th Century: World War II – Harvard

Languages (35)

Arabic Elementary Course – Lund University

Arabic for Beginners 1 – Darlarna University

Ancient Languages (Greek, Latin, Sanskrit, Old English, etc) – UT-Austin Linguistics Research Center

Basic German – Cambridge University

Beginner’s Chinese – Open University

Beginning Chinese – Seton Hall

Beginning Chinese Reader – Seton Hall

Intermediate Chinese – Seton Hall

Intermediate Chinese Reader – Seton Hall

Advanced Chinese – Seton Hall

Advanced Chinese Reader – Seton Hall

Brazilian Portuguese Pronunciation – Emory University

Chinese Basic – Cambridge University

Dialogue for German Learners: Beginner’s Level – The University of South Wales

Francais interactif – University of Texas

Elementary French 1 – Carnegie Mellon

Elementary French 2 – Carnegie Mellon

French in Action –  Yale University

French 1 & French 2 – Carnegie Mellon

Icelandic Online – University of Iceland

Intermediate Chinese – Cambridge University

Introduction to Urdu Alphabet – Emory University

Japanese Kana – Hiragana – Emory University

Kanji Characters – Emory University

Mandarin Chinese Characters – Emory University

Numbers and Radicals – Emory University

Online Intermediate College Korean – University of California Press, 2002

Pathway to Korean: Beginning Spoken Korean from Zero – The Ohio State University

Russian Essentials – Cambridge University

Russian for Beginners 1 – Dalarna University

Spanish 1 – Arkansas

Spanish 2 – Arkansas

Spanish 3 – Arkansas

Speak Italian with Your Mouth Full – MIT

Thai Alphabet – Emory University


Law (22)

A Law Student’s Toolkit – Yale

Aims and Limits of the Criminal Law – UC Berkeley

Climate Change: Law and Policy – UC Berkeley

CopyrightX – Harvard Law School

Environmental Justice and Human Rights in the Aftermath of Katrina – Notre Dame

Environmental Law and Policy – UC Berkeley

Environmental Politics and Law – Yale

Freedom of Speech and the Press – UC Berkeley

International Environmental Law – UC Berkeley

Introduction to Copyright Law – MIT

Labor Law and Employment Discrimination – Missouri State

Law and Economics I – UC Berkeley

Law and Justice – University of Oklahoma

Law and Legal Thought in the 21st Century – Harvard

Media Law & Ethics – Ohio State

Philosophy of Law (Syllabus) – University of New Orleans

Politics and Media Freedom – University of Westminster

Progressive Alternatives: Institutional Reconstruction Today – Harvard

Renewable Energy & Alternative Fuels (Law & Policy) – UC Berkeley

Self, Serenity, and Vulnerability – Harvard

Theories of Law and Society – UC Berkeley

Video Game Law – University of British Columbia/Centre for Digital Media

Literature (60)

American Literature I: Beginnings to Civil War – NYU

Approaching Shakespeare – Oxford University

British and American Poetry: 1900 to the Present – UC Berkeley

Cervantes’ Don Quixote – Yale

Contemporary Literature – IIT Madras

Creative Reading – Part 1  Part 2 – Naropa University

Creative Writing: A Master Class – Alison Ersheid

Cultural Studies – IIT Guwahati

Dante in Translation – Yale

Darwin and Design – MIT

D.H. Lawrence – Oxford University

Epics of Rome – LaTrobe University

Existentialism in Literature & Film – UC Berkeley

Faeirie and Fantasy – Washington College

Fiction for Young Adults – La Trobe University

From Gods and Back – UC Berkeley

Genres in Children’s Literature – David Beagley, La Trobe University

George Eliot – Oxford University

Hemingway, Fitzgerald, Faulkner – Yale

History of Children’s Literature – La Trobe University

Holocaust in Film and Literature – UCLA

Introduction to Literature and the Environment – Princeton

Introduction to Modern Japanese Literature and Culture – UC Berkeley

Introduction to Poetry – Missouri State

Introduction to Pre-Modern Japanese Literature and Culture – UC Berkeley

Introduction to Theory of Literature – Yale

Invitation to World Literature – Harvard

Literature and Form – Oxford

Literature and Psychoanalysis – University of Warwick

Literature in English: Late-17th to Mid-19th Century – UC Berkeley

Milton – Yale

Lord of the Rings I: The Road Goes Ever On – Washington College

Lord of the Rings II: The Two Towers – Washington College

Lord of the Rings III: Return of the King – Washington College

Modern Poetry – Yale

Not Shakespeare: Elizabethan and Jacobean Popular Theatre – Oxford University

Old English in Context – Oxford University

Oscar Wilde – Oxford University

Post Colonial Literature for Children – La Trobe University

Romanticism – UC Davis

Science Fiction and Politics – Emory University

Shakespeare – UC Berkeley

Shakespeare After All: The Later Plays – Harvard

Shakespeare’s Principal Plays – University of Michigan

Spenser and Milton – Brandeis

The American Novel Since 1945 – Yale

The Bible and English Literature – U. of Toronto

The Epic – UC Berkeley

The Heroic Quest – Missouri State

The Hobbit – Washington College

The Literature of Crisis – Stanford

The Silmarillion Seminar – Washington College

Tolkien – Washington College

Tolkien’s The Book of Lost Tales: Part 1 –Signum University

Tolkien’s The Book of Lost Tales: Part 2 – Signum University

Tolkien’s Unfinished Tales of Númenor and Middle-earth – Signum University

Undergraduate Tolkien Survey – Washington College

Virgil’s AeneidStanford

Voices & Visions: The Lives & Works of 13 American Poets – Annenberg Media

Watership Down – Signum University

Medicine (165)

2013/2014 New OCW Test Course – Tufts School of Medicine

Biology of Water and Health – Tufts School of Medicine

BIOLOGY OF WATER AND HEALTH Part 1- PH241x – Tufts School of Medicine

Cardiovascular Pathophysiology – Tufts School of Medicine

Epidemiology and Biostatistics – Tufts School of Medicine

Epidemiology and Biostatistics 2010 – Tufts School of Medicine

Gastrointestinal Pathophysiology – Tufts School of Medicine

Genetics – Tufts School of Medicine

Human Growth and Development – Tufts School of Medicine

Introduction to Clinical Pain Problems – Tufts School of Medicine

Medical Interviewing and the Doctor-Patient Relationship – Tufts School of Medicine

Microbiology – Tufts School of Medicine

Musculoskeletal Pathophysiology – Tufts School of Medicine

Nutrition and Medicine – Tufts School of Medicine

Ophthalmology Grand Rounds – Tufts School of Medicine

Pathophysiology of Endocrinology, Diabetes and Metabolism – Tufts School of Medicine

Pathophysiology of Infectious Diseases – Tufts School of Medicine

Population Medicine – Tufts School of Medicine

Quality Oversight in the Health Care Marketplace – Tufts School of Medicine

Renal Pathophysiology – Tufts School of Medicine

Primary Care Clerkship – Harvard Medical School Open Courseware

SuperCourse: Primary Care Clerkship – Harvard Medical School Open Courseware

Advanced Human Genetics – Harvard Medical School Open Courseware

The International Structural Acupuncture – Harvard Medical School Open Courseware

Clinical Application of Anatomy – Harvard Medical School Open Courseware

Cellular Metabolism and Human Disease – Harvard Medical School Open Courseware

Principles of Human Disease: Physiology – Harvard Medical School Open Courseware

BUILDING GENETIC & GENOMIC NETWORKS – Harvard Medical School Open Courseware

BIDMC Senior Teaching Resident Course  – Harvard Medical School Open Courseware

Basic Biostatistics for Clinical Research  – Harvard Medical School Open Courseware

Basic Biostatistics for Clinical Investigation  – Harvard Medical School Open Courseware

Proteins: Structure, Function- Harvard Medical School Open Courseware

Molecular Approaches to Drug Action  – Harvard Medical School Open Courseware

Theory & Practice of Techniques in Molecular Biology- Harvard Medical School Open Courseware

Chemical Biology 2100 – Harvard Medical School Open Courseware

Strategies in Chemical Biology – Harvard Medical School Open Courseware

Cambridge Integrated Clerkship- Harvard Medical School Open Courseware

Assessment and Treatment of Depression  – Harvard Medical School Open Courseware

Pain Management Strategies in the Elderly  – Harvard Medical School Open Courseware

Delirium: A Medical Emergency – Harvard Medical School Open Courseware

Dementia, Elder Abuse, Driving   – Harvard Medical School Open Courseware

Ethical Considerations and Challenges  – Harvard Medical School Open Courseware

Osteoporosis  – Harvard Medical School Open Courseware

Skin and Chronic Wound Care in Older Adults  – Harvard Medical School Open Courseware

Physician in Community- Harvard Medical School Open Courseware

Circadian Science and Human Health  – Harvard Medical School Open Courseware

A Demonstration Course – Harvard Medical School Open Courseware

Global Oral Health- Harvard Medical School Open Courseware

Emergency Medicine Literature Collection- Harvard Medical School Open Courseware

HMS General References – Harvard Medical School Open Courseware

Qualitative Methods for Global Health  – Harvard Medical School Open Courseware

Gilbert Program in Medical Simulation   – Harvard Medical School Open Courseware

Genotype to Phenotype – Harvard Medical School Open Courseware

Health Management For Older Adults: Developing An Interdisciplinary Approach  – Harvard Medical School Open Courseware

Introduction to Health Care Policy  – Harvard Medical School Open Courseware

Introduction to Health Care Management  – Harvard Medical School Open Courseware

Medicine, Human Rights, and the Physician- Harvard Medical School Open Courseware

Continuing Study in Gross Anatomy – Harvard Medical School Open Courseware

Genomic Medicine – Harvard Medical School Open Courseware

Musculoskeletal Pathophysiology- Harvard Medical School Open Courseware

Human Pathology  – Harvard Medical School Open Courseware

Mechanisms of Microbial Pathogenesis  – Harvard Medical School Open Courseware

Mechanisms of Microbial Pathogenesis – Harvard Medical School Open Courseware

Human Reproductive Biology – Harvard Medical School Open Courseware

Hematology  – Harvard Medical School Open Courseware

Renal Pathophysiology  – Harvard Medical School Open Courseware

Gastroenterology  – Harvard Medical School Open Courseware

Principles of Pharmacology – Harvard Medical School Open Courseware

Molecular Biology and Genetics  – Harvard Medical School Open Courseware

Cellular and Molecular Immunology – Harvard Medical School Open Courseware

Statistical Planning and Analysis in Biology – Harvard Medical School Open Courseware

Genomic Medicine – Harvard Medical School Open Courseware

Biomaterials and Tissue Engineering  – Harvard Medical School Open Courseware

Principles and Practice of Tissue Engineering – Harvard Medical School Open Courseware

Biomedical Engineering Seminar Series:- Harvard Medical School Open Courseware

Anatomy of Speech and Hearing – Harvard Medical School Open Courseware

Information Technology in the Healthcare  – Harvard Medical School Open Courseware

Introduction to Global Medicine: Bioscience, Technologies, Disparities, Strategies – Harvard Medical School Open Courseware

Interpersonal & Communication Skills  – Harvard Medical School Open Courseware

Principles of Immunology – Harvard Medical School Open Courseware

The Primary Immunodeficiencies  – Harvard Medical School Open Courseware

Immunology Seminar Discussion Course    – Harvard Medical School Open Courseware

Women’s and Children’s Obs/Gyn Component  – Harvard Medical School Open Courseware

Women’s and Children’s Pediatrics Component – Harvard Medical School Open Courseware

Medicine and Management – Harvard Medical School Open Courseware

The Human Body  – Harvard Medical School Open Courseware

Immunology, Microbiology and Infectious  – Harvard Medical School Open Courseware

Human Systems, Dermatology  – Harvard Medical School Open Courseware

HRCA – Patient-Doctor Year II – Introduction  – Harvard Medical School Open Courseware

CAM – Patient-Doctor Year II – Introduction  – Harvard Medical School Open Courseware

Chemistry and Biology of the Cell  – Harvard Medical School Open Courseware

Human Development – Harvard Medical School Open Courseware

Patient-Doctor III  – Harvard Medical School Open Courseware

SuperCourse: Patient-Doctor III   – Harvard Medical School Open Courseware

The Human Body  – Harvard Medical School Open Courseware

Immunology, Microbiology and Pathology – Harvard Medical School Open Courseware

Human Genetics  – Harvard Medical School Open Courseware

Human Systems: Respiratory/Cardiovascular  – Harvard Medical School Open Courseware

Human Systems: Gastrointestinal – Harvard Medical School Open Courseware

Human Systems – Cardiovascular – Harvard Medical School Open Courseware

Human Systems – Nutrition  – Harvard Medical School Open Courseware

Human Systems – Respiratory   – Harvard Medical School Open Courseware

Patient-Doctor Year I – Harvard Medical School Open Courseware

Patient-Doctor II – BIDMC  – Harvard Medical School Open Courseware

Patient Doctor II – CAM – Harvard Medical School Open Courseware

SuperCourse: Patient Doctor II – BWH  – Harvard Medical School Open Courseware

Medical Portuguese – Harvard Medical School Open Courseware

Intermediate Medical Spanish  – Harvard Medical School Open Courseware

Advanced Medical Spanish – Harvard Medical School Open Courseware

Medical Ethics in Clinical Practice – Harvard Medical School Open Courseware

SuperCourse: Emergency Medicine – Harvard Medical School Open Courseware

Complementary and Integrative Medicine  – Harvard Medical School Open Courseware

Core Medicine Clerkship I- Harvard Medical School Open Courseware

Core Clerkship Medicine  – Harvard Medical School Open Courseware

Core Medicine Clerkship I – Harvard Medical School Open Courseware

Spirituality and Healing in Medicine – Harvard Medical School Open Courseware

Molecular Biology of Human Disease  – Harvard Medical School Open Courseware

Mind-Body Medicine – Harvard Medical School Open Courseware

Fundamental Methods of Clinical Trials  – Harvard Medical School Open Courseware

Human Pathophysiology – Harvard Medical School Open Courseware

Conduct of Science  – Harvard Medical School Open Courseware

Virology  – Harvard Medical School Open Courseware

Medicine Resident Journal Club  – Harvard Medical School Open Courseware

Neurobiology of Disease- Harvard Medical School Open Courseware

Core Clerkship in Neurology  – Harvard Medical School Open Courseware

Core Clerkship Obstetrics/Gynecology    – Harvard Medical School Open Courseware

Fundamentals of Oral Implantology   – Harvard Medical School Open Courseware

Fundamentals of Oral Implantology   – Harvard Medical School Open Courseware

Craniofacial Development and Genetics – Harvard Medical School Open Courseware

Mineralized Tissue Biology and Diseases   – Harvard Medical School Open Courseware

Oral Health Policy and Epidemiology Research  – Harvard Medical School Open Courseware

Journal Club    Orthodontic Science & Clinical Applications  – Harvard Medical School Open Courseware

Training the Eye  – Harvard Medical School Open Courseware

Principal Clinical Experience  – Harvard Medical School Open Courseware

Neonatology Core Curriculum – Harvard Medical School Open Courseware

Newborn Medicine Part 1 – Harvard Medical School Open Courseware

Core Clerkship Pediatrics  – Harvard Medical School Open Courseware

Physician In Community  – Harvard Medical School Open Courseware

BIDMC/ MMHC Core Clerkship in Psychiatry – Harvard Medical School Open Courseware

Core Clerkship in Psychiatry – Harvard Medical School Open Courseware

Core Clerkship Radiology  – Harvard Medical School Open Courseware

Core Radiology Clerkship at CIC  – Harvard Medical School Open Courseware

Advanced Clerkship in Diagnostic Radiology  – Harvard Medical School Open Courseware

The Role of Discovery in Medicine  – Harvard Medical School Open Courseware

Radiology Teaching Files  – Harvard Medical School Open Courseware

Dental Head and Neck  – Harvard Medical School Open Courseware

Principles of Research Methods    – Harvard Medical School Open Courseware

Craniofacial and Neck Anatomy  – Harvard Medical School Open Courseware

Craniofacial Genetics – Harvard Medical School Open Courseware

Oral Physiology – Harvard Medical School Open Courseware

Oral Microbiology and Immunology  – Harvard Medical School Open Courseware

Intro to the Dental Patient – Harvard Medical School Open Courseware

Treatment of Active Disease   – Harvard Medical School Open Courseware

Treatment of the Child and Adolescent  – Harvard Medical School Open Courseware

Advanced Dentistry – Harvard Medical School Open Courseware

Advanced Dentistry Rotation – Harvard Medical School Open Courseware

Scholarship in Medicine  – Harvard Medical School Open Courseware

Gilbert Program in Medical Simulation  – Harvard Medical School Open Courseware

The Social Roots of Health and Disease  – Harvard Medical School Open Courseware

Culture, Poverty and Infectious Disease  – Harvard Medical School Open Courseware

Introduction to Social Medicine- Harvard Medical School Open Courseware

Spaced Education – Harvard Medical School Open Courseware

Core Clerkship in Surgery – Harvard Medical School Open Courseware

Design and Conduct of Clinical Trials  – Harvard Medical School Open Courseware

Virtual Patient  – Harvard Medical School Open Courseware

Philosophy (117)

A Romp Through Ethics for Complete Beginners – Oxford University

A Romp Through the Philosophy of Mind – Oxford University

Aesthetics & Philosophy of Art – Oxford University

Analytic Philosophy: Wilfrid Sellars – University of Pittsburgh

Ancient and Medieval Philosophy – Notre Dame

Ancient Philosophy – UC Berkeley

Ancient Wisdom and Modern Love – Notre Dame

Argument Diagramming – Carnegie Mellon

Aristotle: Ethics –University Chicago

Aristotle: Rhetoric –University Chicago

Authority & the Individual: Six BBC Lectures – Cambridge

Bioethics: An Introduction – Oxford University

Contemporary Issues in Philosophy of Mind & Cognition – IIT Bombay

Critical Reasoning for Beginners –  Oxford University

Death – Yale

Darwin and the Evolution of Thought – University of New Orleans

David Hume’s Central Principles – Oxford University

Environmental Ethics –University of New Orleans

Environmental Philosophy – Notre Dame

Epistemology – University of Georgia

Ethics – University of New Orleans

Ethics (2) –University of New Orleans

Existentialism in Literature & Film – UC Berkeley

From Gods and Back – UC Berkeley

General Philosophy – Oxford University

Gödel, Escher, Bach: A Mental Space Odyssey – MIT

Half Hour Hegel: The Complete Phenomenology of Spirit – Gregory Sadler

Hegel: The Philosophy of History –University Chicago

Hegel’s Phenomenology of Spirit – New School

Hegel’s Phenomenology of Spirit – University of Georgia

Hegel’s Philosophy of Right – University of Georgia

Hegel’s Science of Logic – University of Georgia

Heidegger’s Being & Time – UC Berkeley

Heideggers Being and Time, Division II – UC Berkeley

History of Ancient & Medieval Philosophy – University of New Orleans

History of Christian Philosophy – UT Austin

History of Modern Philosophy –University of New Orleans

Hobbes: Leviathan and De Cive (1964) – University Chicago

Introduction to Indian Philosophy – IIT Madras

Introduction to Logic – IIT Kanpur

Introduction to Philosophy –University of New Orleans

Introduction to Philosophy – Missouri State

Introduction to Philosophy – University of New Orleans

Introduction to Political Philosophy – Yale

Introduction to Political Philosophy: Study of Aristotle’s Politics –University Chicago

Introduction to Theory – Wesleyan University

Justice: What’s the Right Thing to Do? – Harvard

Kant –University Chicago

Kant: Political Philosophy –University Chicago

Kant’s Critique of Judgment – New School

Kant’s Critique of Pure Reason – Oxford University

Kant’s Critique of Pure Reason – University of Georgia

Kant’s Critique of Pure Reason – New School

Kant’s Epistemology – University of Glasgow

Later Heidegger – Harvard

Lecture Course in Ethical and Political Philosophy – University of Georgia

Lecture Course in Plato – University of Georgia

Life and Mind in Nature – University of Georgia

Logic and Proofs – Carnegie Mellon

Man, God, and Society in Western Literature – UC Berkeley

Marx, Nietzsche and Hegel’s Logic of Essence – University of Georgia

Medical Ethics – University of New Orleans

Merleau-Ponty’s Phenomenology of Perception – UC Berkeley

Minds, Morality and Agency – University of Miami

Montesquieu’s The Spirit of the Laws (1966) – University Chicago

Natural Right – University Chicago

Nietzsche, Beyond Good and Evil – University Chicago

Nietzsche and the Postmodern Condition – Duke

Nietzsche on Mind and Nature – Oxford University

Philosophical Issues in Brain Science – MIT

Philosophical Problems – La Trobe University

Philosophy of Kant – University of New Orleans

Philosophy and Human Values – Duke

Philosophy and the Science of Human Nature – Yale

Philosophy in Film and Other Media – MIT

Philosophy for Beginners – Oxford University

Philosophy of Heidegger – University of New Orleans

Philosophy of Language – UC Berkeley

Philosophy of Law – University of New Orleans

Philosophy of Love in the Western World – MIT

Philosophy of Mind – UC Berkeley

Philosophy of Mind – University of New Orleans

Philosophy of Nature (Science) – University of Georgia

Philosophy of the Natural Sciences – University of New Orleans

Philosophy of Religion – Oxford University

Philosophy of Religion – University of New Orleans

Philosophy of Society – UC Berkeley

Plato – University of Georgia

Plato’s Apology of Socrates – University Chicago

Plato Apology/Crito – University Chicago

Plato: Gorgias – University Chicago.

Plato: Laws – University Chicago.

Plato: Meno – University Chicago

Plato, Protagoras – University Chicago

Plato’s Republic – University of Georgia

Plato’s Theaetetus – University of Georgia

Political, Economic and Social Thought – UW-Madison

Political Philosophy: Ideas of the 20th Century – University of Texas – Austin

Political PhilosophyMarx – University Chicago

Political PhilosophyRousseau – University Chicago

Science vs. Religion – IAI

Social and Political Philosophy (Economy) – University of Georgia

The Central Philosophy of Tibet – Columbia University

The History of Philosophy Without Any Gaps – King’s College London

The Meaning of Life – University of Warwick

The Moral Foundations of Politics – Yale

The Nature of Mind – UC Berkeley

The Rational Mind – University of Georgia

The Origins of Political Science – University Chicago

The Philosophy of David Hume – La Trobe University

The Philosophy of Descartes – La Trobe University

The Secular and The Sacred – Harvard

Theory of Meaning – UC Berkeley

Thucydides – University Chicago

Truth & Subjectivity/The Culture Of The Self – UC Berkeley

Vico: Seminar in Political Philosophy – University Chicago

Xenophon’s Oeconomicus – University Chicago

Photography (22)

Introduction to Photography and Related Media – by MIT

Basics of Photography: The Complete Guide – by Lifehacker

Photography: Ditch Auto – Start Shooting in Manual – by Hill Academy

Karl Taylor’s FREE Photography Course – Via Udemy

Complete Photography Guides – by Strobist

Digital Photography – Via alison

Exposing Digital Photography – by Harvard

Photography – by Coventry University

Sensing Place: Photography as Inquiry – by MIT

Computational Camera and Photography – by MIT

Online Digital Photography course – by Free Photo Course

Using a Photographic Light Meter – via Udemy

Pixels After Dark: Shooting the Night – via YouTube

Photoshop & Lightroom for Photographers – via Udemy

Computational Photography – by Georgia Institute of Technology

The Art of Photography (PHOT) – by RMIT University

Documentary Photography and Photojournalism – Still Images of a World in Motion by MIT

Principles of Photo Composition and Digital Image Post-Production – by Michigan State University **

Cameras, Exposure, and Photography – by Michigan State University **

Camera Control – by Michigan State University **

Seeing the Light, Envisioning the Content, Sharing in Print & Online – by Michigan State University **

Fundamentals of Digital Image and Video Processing – by Northwestern University *

Political Science (60)

African American Studies: Intro to African American Political Thought – UCLA

American Democracy and Citizenship – Missouri State

American Foreign Policy: Past, Present, Future – MIT

British Government – London School of Economics

Capital Punishment: Race, Poverty, & Disadvantage – Yale

Causes of War: Theory and Method – MIT

Chinese Foreign Policy: International Relations and Strategy – MIT

Civil War – MIT

Climate Change: Law and Policy – UC Berkeley

Congress and the American Political System I – MIT

Congress and the American Political System II – MIT

Culture, Politics, and Community: Living Public Health in Nigeria

Data Literacy and Data Visualization – Ohio State

Defence Politics – MIT

Democratization in Asia, Africa, and Latin America – MIT

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. IAP Design Seminar – MIT

Election 2012 – Stanford

Environmental Politics and Law – Yale

Ethnic Politics I – MIT

Ethnic Politics II – MIT

European Politics – MIT

Faith and Globalization – Yale

Foundations of Political Science – MIT

Geography of US Presidential Elections – Stanford

Globalization, Migration, and International Relations – MIT

Government and Politics of China – MIT

Great Power Military Intervention – MIT

International Political Economy – Middlebury College

International Politics and Climate Change – MIT

International Relations of East Asia – MIT

Introduction to American Politics – MIT

Introduction to German Politics – Oxford University

Introduction to Political Philosophy – Yale

Introduction to Political Philosophy: Study of Aristotle’s Politics – U Chicago

Introduction to Political Thought – MIT

Israel: History, Politics, Culture, and Identity – MIT

Justice: A Journey in Moral Reasoning – Harvard

Nationalism – MIT

Nuclear Weapons in International Politics: Past, Present and Future – MIT

Perspectives on China – Harvard

Political Philosophy: Global Justice – MIT

Politics and Strategy – UCLA

Politics and Policy in Contemporary Japan – MIT

Public Opinion and American Democracy – MIT

Riots, Rebellions, Revolutions – MIT

Second Amendment – Free iTunes iOS Course – U. of Oklahoma

Seminar in Political PhilosophyMarx – U Chicago

Seminar in Political PhilosophyRousseau – U Chicago

Seminar on Politics and Conflict in the Middle East – MIT

Science Fiction and Politics – Courtney Brown, Emory University

Soviet Politics and Society, 1917-1991 – MIT

State of the Union 2014 – Stanford

Territorial Conflict – MIT

The European Union in the New Millenium – LaTrobe University

The Habitable Planet: A Systems Approach to Environmental Science – Harvard/Smithsonian

The Moral Foundations of Politics – Yale

The Origins of Political Science – U. Chicago

The Past and Future of the Left – Harvard

The Politics of Educational Inequality – UC Berkeley

The Rise and Fall of Democracy/ Regime Change – MIT

Psychology (47)

Diploma in Psychology – Alison

Diploma in Educational Psychology  – Alison

Biology and Behaviour in Psychology – Alison

Psychology: Memory and Cognition – Alison

Applied Psychology – Introduction to Consumer Behavior – Alison

Applied Psychology – Understanding Models of Consumer Behavior – Alison

Applied Psychology – Matching Marketing Strategies to Consumer Personalities – Alison

Applied Psychology – Understanding Consumer Attitudes – Alison

Social Psychology – Wesleyan University Via Coursera

Positive Psychology – The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill via Coursera

Introduction to Psychology – The University of Toronto via Coursera

Psychology of Popularity – The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill via Coursera

Buddhism and Modern Psychology – Princeton University via Coursera

Psychological First Aid – Johns Hopkins University via Coursera *

Introduction to Psychology – Yale University

The Psychology, Biology and Politics of Food – Yale University

Introduction to Psychology – MIT

Social Psychology – MIT

Neuroscience and Behavior – MIT

Animal Behavior – MIT

Feeling and Imagination in Art, Science, and Technology – MIT

The Society of Mind – MIT

Introduction to Mental Health and Disaster Preparedness – Johns Hopkins University

Issues in Mental Health Research in Developing Countries – Johns Hopkins University

Psychiatric Epidemiology – Johns Hopkins University

Social and Behavioral Aspects of Public Health – Johns Hopkins University

Statistics for Psychosocial Research: Structural Models – Johns Hopkins University

Statistics in Psychosocial Research: Measurement – Johns Hopkins University

Brain Structure and its Origins – MIT

Buddhist Psychology – UC Berkeley

Clinical Psychology – UC Berkeley

Cognitive Science – UC Berkeley

Developmental Psychology – UC Berkeley

How to Think Like a Psychologist – Stanford University

Social Psychology: Self and Society – UC Berkeley

Human Emotion – UC Berkeley

Human Happiness – UC Berkeley

The New Psychology of Depression – University of Oxford

Environmental Psychology – University of California

Health Psychology – American University

Great Ideas in Psychology – Missouri State

History of Experimental Psychology – University of Oxford

Psychology of Adolescence – Ewha Womans University

Critical Social Psychology – The Open University 

Abnormal Psychology – Bristol Community College

Psychology of Perception – University of Wisconsin

Psychology of Time – City University of London

Veterinary (10)

Animal Behavior – MIT

Animal Diversity – African Virtual University

Dog Examination Techniques – University of Nottingham

EVetU– Veterinary Assistant Course

Human-Animal Relationships – Tufts University

Law and Veterinary Medicine – Tufts University

Population Health – Tufts University

Veterinary Respiratory Pathophysiology – Tufts University

Zoological Medicine – Tufts University

Cattle Management – Utah State University

Writing (37)

Writing and Reading the Essay – MIT

Writing and Reading Short Stories – MIT

Professional and Technical Writing – Purdue University

The Writing Process – Purdue University

Principles of Research and Problem Solving (Powerpoint Download) – University of Michigan

Introduction to Novel Writing – University of College Falmouth

Writing for Children – University of College Falmouth

Critical Reading and Writing – University of Massachusetts at Boston

Start Writing Fiction – Open University

Writing What You Know – Open University

Technical Writing – New Jersey Institute of Technology

Flash Fiction – University of Iowa

How to Find the Short Story Within Your Novel – University of Iowa

Intermediate Writing: Research Writing in a Persuasive Mode – USU

Introduction to Writing: Academic Prose – USU

Writing and Rhetoric: Writing about Sports – MIT

Writing and Rhetoric: Rhetoric and Contemporary Issues – MIT

Writing and Experience: Reading and Writing Autobiography – MIT

The Creative Spark – MIT

Writing and the Environment – MIT

Writing on Contemporary Issues: Food for Thought: Writing and Reading about the Cultures of Food – MIT

Expository Writing: Analyzing Mass Media – MIT

Writing on Contemporary Issues: Culture Shock! Writing, Editing, and Publishing in Cyberspace – MIT

Writing on Contemporary Issues: Imagining the Future – MIT

Writing and Experience – MIT

Science Writing and New Media – MIT

Writing with Shakespeare – MIT

Writing About Literature – MIT

Writing and Reading the Essay – MIT

Writing About Race: Narratives of Multiraciality – MIT

Writing and Reading Short Stories – MIT

Writing and Reading Poems – MIT

Genre Fiction Workshop – MIT

Transmedia Storytelling: Modern Science Fiction – MIT

Interactive and Non-Linear Narrative: Theory and Practice – MIT

Writing about Nature and Environmental Issues – MIT

Popular Culture and Narrative: Literature, Comics, and Culture – MIT

*Full course but Certificate of completion costs extra. 

**Free for all course materials except graded material – a fee for graded material.

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