This Morning Routine Leads to Success

Getting motivated enough to achieve success can be a tricky thing. However, planning and sticking to routines is one of the most effective ways of achieving it. Here’s something that all successful people do in some variation every morning. Try to implement it into your life and see the difference it makes in your levels of productivity.


1. Create A To-Do List

Write down all essential tasks for the day at the top of the list and things you would like to get done, but aren’t that important in the second half. This takes away the worry of forgetting something in the day and also lets you be little more relaxed about certain tasks rather than painting to try and get everything done.

2. Get Up a Little Earlier Than You Need To

You need time to wake fully in the morning. If you get up, changed and are straight out of the door then you’re setting yourself up for a day that’s rushed and feels hectic. Try to wake up at least an hour earlier than that point and allow your body and mind to wakefully.

3. Get Some Quiet Time

Sure, you’ve just spent the night in bed but throwing yourself straight into nice, hustle and bustle is a major shock to the system. Again, let your mind wake up. Try some meditation or light reading.

4. Light Exercise

Back to waking up the body – get some light exercise, not too heavy to cause a shock, to get the blood, oxygen and happy hormones circulating your body.

5. Eat a Healthy Breakfast

Don’t skip breakfast, it really is bad for you. Spend the time and effort making a healthy breakfast, that will keep you full until mid-morning. Breakfast really is the most important meal of the day so make the most of it!

6. Only Now Look at the External

You’ve been focussing on yourself up until this point but now’s the time to ease yourself into the world around you. Have a look at the news or read the newspaper, start thinking about your workday and how you would like things to pan out. Get yourself ready for facing the day.

7. Listen to an Audio Book on Your Commute

Be proactive on your commute by listening to an audiobook that will improve your skillset. It makes wise use of the time you would waste by listening to the radio, activates your brain and lets you start off the day in a motivated and productive way.

8. Set Yourself Up For The Day

Once you’re in work set up your desk and get everything you’re going to need until lunchtime. Make sure you have got a tidy place to work and there’s no clutter. Get any water you need and get ready to start working.

9. Make Plans For Your Evening

Before you start work, quickly make plans for what you’re going to be doing that evening. It could be as simple as watching a movie or calling over to some friends. The important aspect is that you’ve told yourself that you’re going to reward yourself with fun later, so now’s the time for work!

10. Start Work Immediately

Instead of checking your emails to any personal websites, jump straight into the most important piece of work that needs to get done. Checking anything else can lead to procrastination but by throwing yourself in, you’re more likely to stay productive for longer.